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"Chi" Is Known as Performing Miraculous Power in Blade and Soul

John Ryan April 26th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

"Chi is the life force of all creation. It is an unending force that flows through all reality, connecting the realms and all living beings in its breadth. Like water, chi will gather in great swirling eddies or burst from the earth like a geyser; like blood, chi exists within all living creatures and is vital to their survival."

In blade & soul, Chi is an important resource for a martial artist to perform miraculous power and superhuman act. No one is able to see Chi, but you can feel its presence, just like the wind. How does Chi perform miraculous power? Here Mmogah as a professional bns gold seller shares some useful information with you.


The miraculous power of Chi

- Chi can bring all mysterious power to anyone who can handle it.

- Chi can enhance a martial artist in various ways, such as body strengthening, rejuvenating, improving agility and flexibility, and so on.

- An expert martial artist can make his/her own weapon more destructive by releasing Chi into it;

- You can use Chi to dive deep down to the core elements of the earth and utilize its power. A Chi master can even defy death itself.

But these skills can't be obtained through traditional ways, such as training, leveling up or spending skill points, so learning how to master Chi can take your entire life. Keep concentrating and focusing on your inner-self to develop more skills to handle Chi.


bns chi


How does different classes utilize Chi?

Each class has different ways to utilize its Chi, but it is usually categorized into two methods: changing external factors and improving internal factors. For example: Force Master, Blade master and Summoner spend Chi to manipulate elements in the world; Kung Fu master, Assassin and Destroyer absorb Chi to improve their own body. Some classes use Chi to increase physical attack, and some ones use it to increase agility.

Of course, many actions of Chi that are not limited to class, such as windwalking, healing, rejuvenating, and so on. Some Chi masters can even perform great actions, such as Dragon Pulses.


More powerful Chi: Divine Chi and Dark Chi

Divine Chi comes from the holy Divine Realm hidden inside the heart of the world. It brings great power to its owner to take battle with all evils from the Dark Realm courageously and fearlessly. However, it’s not a simple task to obtain this great power. Only a few chosen martial artists can handle this great power.

Dark Chi - A totally different type of power from the Divine Chi. The owner of this power comes from demons with a purpose of spreading their wickedness to all living creatures on earth and lead them astray from the way of righteousness. Everything that touches the Dark Chi will rapidly turn into a dark force filled with corrupted power. Fresh desire, greed, sin, rage, and all wicked attributes are a main source of Dark Chi. Unfortunately, there are many people seeking out a way to handle the powerful evil Chi and use its power. Only the Divine Chi can fight Dark Chi power back.


In order to master Chi, it’s important to lean all core information about it. With a good combination between theory and practice, a martial artist can slowly manage his/her way to handle Chi and utilize its endless power.



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