• BNS Weapon Path and Gem Hammer Changes Are Coming
    By John Ryan2016-05-06 00:00:00

    After had collected players' feedback on weapon path and cost, NCsoft started to analyze available data regarding the progress of weapon, and then NCsoft announced weapon path and gem hammer in the game will be changed in the upcoming weeks. These progression changes in the game that are expected to significantly enhance overall gameplay, which is an exciting and good news for blade & soul players. Today Mmogah as a reliable bns gold store and bns power leveling site shares this good news with you.

    The weapon system and Gem Socket system are pretty complex due to a variety of points at which players can transform to the Silverfrost weapon path, and the price of a variety of Gem Hammers will depend on socket number, weapon stage, and weapon type.

    Weapon Paths

    1. You can choose one of two paths while strengthening your weapon – Silverfrost Moutains and Moonwater Plains, but from June 1, the final tiers of Moonwater Plains – Pirate and Siren weapon paths – will be retired, and any weapon on those paths will be diverted to the Silverfrost Mountains path in the next evolution.

    After retiring, True Profane only be able to progress to Oathbreaker; True Siren only be able to progress to True Oathbreaker. The path from True Pirate will remain unchanged and can only be able to progress to True Breeze. You can see clearly as below.

    True Profane > Oathbreaker
    True Siren > True Oathbreaker
    True Pirate > True Breeze

    bns weapon paths

    2. NCsoft explained that the purpose is to allow players to reduce the cost of leveling up in the game, so NCsoft does this with a new item, namely Nebula Weapon Upgrade Stone. You can use these stones instead of evolution weapon to reduce the loss of bns gold and materials that are needed for strengthening weapon, the loss is up to 10%-40%.

    Gem Hammers and Gem Sockets

    From May 11, any gem socket that players open with Gem Hammers is no longer going to reset when transitioning from the Moonwater Plains weapon progression path to the Silverfrost Mountains weapon progression path. You will still gain additional gem sockets apart from those you have unlocked. This change is made for other regional servers of blade and soul.

    Moreover, NCsoft is also making some favor for the number of Gem Hammers and the loss of blade & soul gold when you unlock gem sockets.

    bns gem hammer

    Here are the number of Gem Hammers required for each path and socket number:

    bns gem hammer and socket

    In order to help cover the potential loss for some players who have reached to Silverfrost and affected by gem sockets reset, NCSOFT previously carried out distribution of Gem Hammers to them. Ncsoft also announced that it will unify cost for all Silverfrost Mountains & Moonwater Plains weapon paths, and run a similar distribution of four Gem hammers for new characters that may be affected till May 11. If you’re in the process of strengthening your weapon to the Silverfrost Mountains path, please feel free to go ahead.

    All in all, let's expect these two big changes to come.