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Blade and Soul - Windwalking (Qing Gong) Is Beyond Your Expectation

John Ryan March 05th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

Windwalking is known as Qing Gong in "Wu Xia" literature, and it is the most basic form of transportation in blade and soul, which allows players to glide through the air, dash on the water, and sprint up the wall . This is not really "flight", since players do not have the ability to climb vertically. Windwalking is one of the fastest ways to travel like wind stride. You can double tap "W", and enter windwalking system. It will give you an incredible boost in both speed and agility. At this time, you can run at high speed, jump high enough, and bring a tremendous visual impact.

Not like other MMORPGS, Windwalking system is a new-added system in blade & soul. In windwalking system, you can glide through the air, dash on the water, and sprint up the wall. But how to master these skills? Today mmogah shares some special abilities of windwalking with you.

blade and soul windwalking


Specific Abilities

Sprint is the first basic skill to learn, and it is the mount system in blade & soul. You can double tap "W", or press "shift", and then sprint up the wall, but it will consume your stamina.

The second skill is Glide. You can glide slowly through the air until reaching the floor and glide down until hitting the ground. You can unlock glide function in the beginning of the game, but if you want to unlock "air dash", it is best to unlock it after you reach level 15.

When you reach level 10, you can use skill - Water Dash to sprint across water instead of sprinting.

When you are in the later game stages, you can use skill - Wall Dash to walk wall if you push your character toward a wall.

When you reach level 15, you can unlock Martial Tome, and access Dragon Pulses, from which you can move from one point to another. You need not input anything, but you can gain access to more maps.

Players are able to manipulate the travel's direction and speed. To ascend through the air, players need to use Dragon Pulses throughout the open zone and high jumps for a short period of time.



Windwalking needs to consume your physical stamina. It requires great concentration, but it is not always keep concentration. Once windwalking is activated, it’ll consume your stamina - a green bar shows the character’s stamina. Damage and death may occur if you has drained stamina before hitting the ground. 

The exception is that no stamina is consumed when you are out of gliding, which allows you to regain stamina—combine sprint and glide throughout the Earthen Realm.


From the above information, you can learn that windwalking provides a fun and skillful way to go around the zone in bns. If you are tired of learning skills, and you want to speed up your level, you can buy blade and soul gold (blade and soul gold kaufen) from a professional site.



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