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Blade and Soul Will Be Available on Tencent Game Console

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Nowadays, Tencent and Haier jointly launched the living room game console, Blade TGPBOX. This game box will be on sale on September 1. Players can play all kinds games in TGP on this box. Currently, TGPBOX has two types, X3 priced at 3799 yuan, X5 priced at 4799 yuan.

Tencent TGP Box runs a Windows 10 operating system. For hardware, it uses the sixth-generation Intel core i3 /i5 / i7 desktop processor. The X5 type is powered by Intel Core i5-6400 processor, a built-in 8GB DDR4 high-speed memory and equipped with 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD storage. It used a GTX750i NVIDIA graphics processor, its memory is 2GB DDR5. X3 uses i3-6100 processor, a built-in 4GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD hard drive and the same graphics and interface design.

This platform has many functions, you can download and update a large pool of games from the game store as well as start a local game through TGP Box. It is developed by the joint efforts from Tencent, Intel and Haier and named as “Blade”. With Haier producing the hardware, Intel providing the chips and Tencent building up the game store, Blade is expected to operate many games by Tencent, such as Blade and Soul, League of Legends and Monster Hunter Online.

In the development of TGPBOX, Haier will be responsible for three aspects: the first is the manufacture of hardware products, the second is the user interaction and marketing, the third is to meet the needs of user. Tencent Games platform will be responsible for the import and ecological incubation of games. As the third party, Intel provides technical support and sensing technologies.

For game content, Tencent provides a large pool of games, mainly from Tencent’s own IP or operated by Tencent, including Cross Fire, Need for Speed OL, FIFA OL3, etc. In the future, there will be more games in this platform from third-party publishers and developers.

Haier said, the core competition of TGPBOX is "A machine but many functions". TGPBOX system platform together with Windows 10 systems are integrated. One systems focuses on games while the another on entertainment. It means players have a game console and a PC at the same time.

Though there is no Blade and Soul in the game list now, the official said there will be more games from the third party. It is assumed, as important members of Tencent Games, Blade and Soul, Dungeon Fighter Online and Moonlight Blade have a great possibility to be included. As early as the end of this May, the Blade and Soul (US) opened the joystick setting function first. It is expected that this will be a good hint for BNS entering game console.

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