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Blade and Soul: Unlocking Spring Treasure Trove Chests from April 13

John Ryan April 12th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

Good news for blade and soul fans: The Spring Treasure Trove event is coming on April 13, and players can unlock treasure chests for amazing rewards from April 13. The event offers the ability to adventurers to unlock random treasure chests, and then get the high rewards. Let mmogah share this bns news with you!

bns spring treasure trove event

Players can start opening treasure chests that full of covetous items from April 13, but the event demands the character to reach level 36 or above. During the event period, players can simply click on the treasure trove icon when they want to open the chest, but they can only open a chest for free once per day for each character.

After unlocking a chest, you will have the opportunity to purchase one of the items that is presented to you. There are over 100 different types of items in the chests, and they can be opened by Spring Treasure Trove Keys or Spring Treasure Trove Expansion slots that can be purchased from the Hongmoon store. The keys allow you to open additional chests beyond your free unlocking per day; The Expansion slots are specific character, which allow you to unlock up to 8 slots, increasing your odds of obtaining rewards.

The Spring Treasure Trove event will end on April 27. After that time, all the keys and expansion slots will no longer function, since the chests will no longer be available, so don’t let them go to waste!

the first PvP season

On the same day that the spring Treasure Trove event kicks off, the first PvP season begins, which looks forward to proving players' value as martial artists. Many enthusiasts can start participating in the game, and they would like to compete for honor.

Weekly rewards and seasonal rewards will be obtained by powerful players. Every Wednesday, players participate in rating for the first season, maintaining and improving their rating will receive numerous rewards. Players who take part in NCsoft community tournaments can earn many prizes, too.

Along with the official in-game seasonal rewards, they are also giving out exclusive rewards to the winners of NCsoft community tournaments. Win a community tournament with other partners in first season and receive a Bamboo Costume bundle, including head gear and costume, as well as Hongmoon coins. You can also win a Bamboo costume just by watching the event lives, since these tournaments organizers will have costumes to give out during the stream.

These activities are coming tomorrow (April 13), I am sure that you can't wait any more. If you have not reached level 36, you can't take part in this event, you can buy blade and soul power leveling service to help you to finish it, which is the fastest way, or you can buy blade and soul gold (blade and soul gold kaufen) to speed up the level.



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