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Blade and Soul - Shattered Empire Update Is Coming on April 27

John Ryan April 14th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

Since blade and soul was released on January 2016, NCsoft has managed to release Bns rising water update, New bns class - warlock, Bns silverfrost mountains expansion, Bns spring Treasure Trove Chests, and many more features. Now NCsoft has announced that Shattered Empire update is coming on April 27, which attracts more and more players to join in the game. Until now, over two million players have taken part in the game. Blade & soul as a world-wide fighting MMORPG will become a staple in the competitive e-sports scene. Today Mmogah will share this good news with bns players.

bns shattered empire

The Shattered Empire update will arrive on April 27! It will bring a wide spread of new contents and rewards to the vast world of blade & soul. The new contents include two Heroic dungeons, a section of Mushin’s Tower floors, and objective-based PvP game mode.

The Update 2.1 brings two new Heroic dungeons - Cold Storage and Sogun’s Lament, which are the hardest group content challenges in bns. The two Heroic dungeons require full teammates to complete. When players are not succumbing to soul-crushing defeat in Sogun’s Lament, they can climb a new section of Mushin’s Tower (Floor 9 – 15) to face brutal bosses and receive the skills test in this unique solo experience.

bns mushin's tower

The Update 2.1 also brings a new objective-based PvP zone called Whirlwind Valley. This game mode will be a 6v6 fight that requires teammates to work together to accomplish specific objectives. From here, you will experience a brand new objective-based PvP game mode - a furiously and competitive 6v6 team-based combat.


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