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Blade and Soul’s 9th New Class Previewed-Soul Fighter

Released on January 19, Blade and Soul is absolutely a dark horse among MMOs of 2016. (It had been reached 1,000,000 players in the first week and 2,000,000 within less than one month) Then, the new class-Warlock was updated on March 2, which definitely made Blade and Soul more perfect. The upgrade of Warlock, to strike while the iron was hot, steadily makes Blade&Soul the No.1 of Top 10 MMORPGs in Game Virtual Currency Market 2016.

Blade and Soul’s 9th New Class Previewed-Soul Fighter

The update is so fast that gamers are looking forward to the next new class sooner. As we know, Blade&Soul (KR) was released earlier than Blade&Soul (US/EU), and now Soul Fighter is the newest class released in Blade&Soul (KR) on December 4th, 2015. So, Soul Fighter is likely to be the next new class in Blade and Soul (US/EU).

Blade and Soul’s 9th New Class Previewed-Soul Fighter

What is Soul Fighter?

As a hybrid class, Soul Fighter features important elements from Force Master and Kong Fu Master and is good at range attack and melee. They change stances between a ranged ice stance similar to Force Master and a melee earth stance similar to Kong Fu Master. The class utilizes ice and melee attacks to build up a meter that can be unleashed for a flurry of devastating blows. Currently, they literally just come out in Korea so nobody knows much about them and it will be a while before we get them.


I just know a little that Soul Fighter is open to Kun (Yun) and Gon. Also added in this update is a new continent, dungeon, bosses, and NPCs. The main storyline continues with Julia having captured the young Jin Seo-Yeon. The new dungeon has three new stone giant bosses.

Now Soul Fighter will be online, there are more detailed contents about it, you can click the official site to know more, to be sure this new class will be really awesome. 

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