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Blade and Soul: Rage of the Hive Queen Systems


Blade and Soul is changing a few things in this update, most notably with gems and Sealing Charms.

With the Rage of the Hive Queen update arriving October 18, Blade and Soul will be making a number of systems changes and improvements. Here MmoGah as a professional BNS Gold seller will help you plan for some of the most impactful ones.


Brilliant Soul Sealing Charms

With this update, you will be able to buy a Brilliant Soul Sealing Charm from the Hongmoon Store and use it to seal a high level Soul, which then allows the Soul to be traded and sold. It is important to note that the higher level the Soul, the more Sealing Charms needed.

Here are the specific Souls that will be able to be sealed:

  • Awakened Hongmoon Energy
  • True Hongmoon Energy
  • Awakened Ascending Soul
  • True Ascending Soul
  • Awakened Transcendent Soul - Stage 5
  • True Transcendent Soul
  • Awakened Cosmic Soul - Stage 5
  • True Cosmic Soul


Weapons & Accessories

With the Rage of the Hive Queen update, an alternate upgrade path is being added for Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stages 1–9 that uses Void Fragments instead of Heroic Weapon offerings, giving you some additional ways to progress.


We are also looking to streamline the Legendary accessory paths by taking out the Draken accessory upgrade step. Instead you will be able to get the Oath Necklace, Eternity Belt, Immortality Earring, Destiny Ring, Divine Dragon Bracelet, and Tiger Bracelet directly from drops or NPCs. You can exchange a Draken accessory along with 10 gold for Stage 1 of the corresponding accessory in the Dragon Express, and the same goes for Legendary Accessory Tokens (sans the gold requirement). Additionally, the upgrade paths, costs, and breakthrough points are being normalized amongst these accessories.


Hongmoon Gems

We want to make Hongmoon Gems more accessible and obtainable, as well as increasing the flexibility to plan and make personal choices within the gem system. Up front one thing we’re adding is the ability to purchase Hongmoon Pentagonal Gems directly from Dragon Express with Solar Energy - a new currency available from Daily Challenges. That will obviously impact how you are able to obtain gems, but in addition we are also adding a way to upgrade and change gem types through a new fragment and powder system. Pentagonal and higher gems will be able to be salvaged to receive a variable amount of Hongmoon Gem Fragments and/or Hongmoon Gem Powder (based on quality) - which are tradable. 10 powders can be combined to create a fragment, and in the reverse, a fragment can be salvaged into 10 powders. You will also be able to purchase Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems directly from the Dragon Express for 4 Gem Powders, allowing you to directly and quickly exchange for other types.



With this new system, we are removing Radiant Energy and Mysterious Crystal from the gem transmutation recipes, and both will be exchangeable as Antiques (for 1 Hongmoon Gem Powder or 1 Solar Energy, respectively). Going forward, transmuting gems will instead require varying amounts of fragments and powders—in addition to the base gold cost and gems being transmuted. Obsidian will be the only exception to this, which will instead require Void Fragments and Soulstone Crystals for transmutation.


Hongmoon Secret Techniques

We are lowering the overall costs of Hongmoon Secret Techniques from the Battlefield and Zen Bean Traders to reduce the effort needed to obtain them, and because the Dragon Express discount is no longer relevant (due to the price reduction) they are being removed from the Dragon Express.


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