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Blade and Soul New Class Guide - Warlock

John Ryan February 23rd, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

The new class - Warlock in blade and soul will become available on March 2. It is the eighth class to be added to blade & soul, and we have introduced seven classes in bns class choosing guide. As we all know, there are many players have taken part in the game, and many players have placed a large number of blade and soul gold orders at mmogah. Let's share this good news to you.


bns new class Warlock


The Warlock is the second dedicated ranged class with great power, but it is to be considered fragile in blade & soul. It has significant casting time and cooldown time, which requires one of three strategies to be employed: keeping enemies at bay, increasing the high damage abilities, or reducing cooldown time.

A unique play style in BNS is different from other MMOs. The Warlock class is available to Jin and Lyn Races. The Jin and Lyn have reached into the beyond and tapped into the dark power, which is necessary to train as Warlock.

The Warlock is a new class that uses Dagger as weapon and summons creature to fight in battle. The most iconic aspect of the Warlock is that it has ability to summon apparitions to deal with the physical damage from the servers of the bosses and mobs, thus minimize damage to the Warlock or teammates. Of course, the Warlock also has binding abilities that are surrounding enemies and doing damage in pulse.


How is the new class - Warlock?

  • Using mid-range abilities to snare enemies, executing fast and furious combos, and then summoning a massive Thrall to kill the enemies.

  • The Warlock needs to eliminate opponents quickly and efficiently, or risk being overwhelmed and the Warlock is defeated easily.

  • In Arena PVP, the Warlock has a pretty substantive set of defensive skills to accompany its powerful offensive skills. Prioritizing instant-cast abilities, fast casting speed, high damage and defensive abilities can ensure the Warlock remains competitive with other classes.


All in all, let's expect the new class - Warlock to come on March 2. If you need safe bns gold to level up fast and play game smoothly, please do not hesitate to visit our online store MmoGah.com.



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