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Blade and Soul Is One of the Top Most MMORPGs Worth Playing in 2016

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Blade and Soul Is One of the Top Most MMORPGs Worth Playing in 2016

Blade and Soul is one of the top most MMORPGs worth playing in 2016 and all the hype that surrounds the game is not without good reasons, released within less than 2 months, it is far above World of Warcraft (US) in MMO Gold transaction quantity list, ranking No.1 of Top 10 MMORPGs in Game Virtual Currency Market 2016. The game features some really unique in-game mechanics, such as the ‘downed’ state, the amazingly fluid, action-based combat system, and the ‘soul shield’ system, along with very realistic animations, an engaging storyline, an in-depth character customization, and absolutely breathtaking locations that you can explore. Let’s take a closer look at this incredible MMORPG and find out what made it so popular!

Blade & Soul its amazing character creation and customization

One of the first features you’ll encounter in Blade & Soul is its amazing character creation and customization. The game has 4 different races for you to choose from, namely the Jins, the Gons, the Lyns, and the female-only race, the Yuns. From there, you can then pick a class you like. There are currently 8 classes, including melee classes like the Blade Master and the Destroyer, ranged classes like the Force Master and the Summoner, and of course, the game’s latest addition - the Warlock. Each race will have access to around 3 of the 8 classes.


In terms of customisation, the variety and depth available are simply astonishing. Besides the sliders for the usual facial and body features, you could also change your character’s pose, lighting, and background. You can even choose different voices for speech and battle cries. Of course, if you simply want to hop right into the game, you could just get one of the pre-set options instead.


Unlike some other MMOs, Blade & Soul starts by immersing you into its background story, which sadly resulted in the massacre of your entire martial arts school… a devastating incident which left you barely alive. Luckily, you managed to survive the ordeal. Vowing to avenge the only family you’ve ever known, you set off in your journey to train up your martial arts abilities. With plenty of amazing cut scenes and voiced dialogues, the storyline is definitely intriguing enough to reel you in. Interestingly, the game even integrates its tutorial into this ‘introduction’, allowing players to learn how to play the game in the process.


The tutorial will introduce you to Blade & Soul’s wide range of combat and movement actions. There are various ways you could move your character – you could windwalk, jump impossibly high and even glide across beautiful landscapes. Best yet, you could also combine movement with its fluid, action-based combat. For example, using sprint in combination with an opening attack, in order to surprise your foe. Different situations your character is in, such as being knocked down, or even how you open an attack will also reveal different sets of skills that you can then use.


There is also a special downed state that you will go into whenever your health dropped to 0. Once downed, you’ll have 80 seconds to try to escape whatever danger you’re facing by crawling. If you managed to do so, you’ll be able to go into the Chi Restoration state and slowly recover.

 The PvE and PvP aspects of Blade & Soul are amazing

The PvE and PvP aspects of Blade & Soul are amazing too. Although some people may dislike the conventional-styled questing process, all would agree that the game compensates well enough by providing a lot of dungeons for you to raid via a nifty cross-server queuing system. For PvP-loving players, there are both open world PvP and arena-based matches that they can enjoy. You must need BNS Gold to boost your weapons for better PVP and PVE.


In order to be victorious in either PvE or PvP, you’ll need good gear, and surprisingly, besides weapons and some accessories, your character wears no armour. The game remedies this by adding in its unique Soul Shield system. A soul shield is basically a shield that is made up of 8 fragments. There are bonuses granted to you depending on how many fragments you have for a particular shield or which soul shield you are using. Of course, you are allowed to augment your shield and your weapons through a variety of methods.


Besides functional equipments, you will also have access to a wardrobe where you can put on any costume you may have. Different faction costumes will elicit different responses from NPCs and from players, by flagging or unflagging you for PvP. However, there are also neutral costumes that you can put on if you merely want to have an enjoyable time levelling up your character.


Professions are another important aspect of Blade & Soul. The game provides 7 different crafting and gathering professions respectively. Each player is allowed to learn up to 2 professions from each category. Naturally, certain gathering processions will be more suitable than others for a specific crafting profession, and it is entirely up to you to decide which ones you’ll want to take.


To round this up, Blade & Soul is definitely a free-to-play MMORPG that will blow away the mind of anyone who has tried it. Besides the immersive plot and its amazing game mechanics, you’ll get to participate in a variety of exciting PvE and PvP events. If you love an action-based game that allows you to become a martial arts master, Blade & Soul is a game you will want to try. as a trustworthy blade and soul power leveling site, can provide gamers with the most professional services, and all power leveling orders are pure handworks which will not get banned.



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