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Blade and Soul - How to Build Up Your Class and Weapon to Level Up Fast

As you know, all classes have completely different skills in blade & soul, and each class has its own style and attribute. There are several ways to build up your class. For example: your Kung Fu Master is totally different from other players' Kung Fu Master. Actually it is not easy to choose the class, and you can read bns guide to choosing class to learn more. In this article, Mmogah as a reliable bns gold store will show you how to build up your class and weapon to level up fast.

If you are a player who wants to max out your level, this guide will be suitable for you; if you are just wanting to grind monsters and beat them as fast as possible, this guide will help you to do that.

Build up your class

When you choose a class, you need to think about two important characteristics: how much AoE damage of a class has and defensive strength of a class has. A best build needs to be a compromise between dishing out damage and staying healthy. When some classes have more HP or defense than others, you can choose one of them.

The speed of leveling up is variable, based on your class. Strong AoE classes can finish that in a day, but some classes that lack of AoE will take a longer time to finish that, because you can kill few mobs at a time.

Actually there is no best build for each class, but you can try to build up your class that balances offensive power and defensive skill. It will not only give you the strength to progress quickly but also teach you what skills and forms to pursue. You should remember to emphasize AoE, escape, healing, and defense. Keep in mind that you can try to join or form a group. You might be required to have different skills that are suitable for grouping combat, but you can pass through tough areas and level up fast with the help of a higher level character.

bns class

Build up your gears and weapon

Compared with other games, there is a little bit difference in gears and weapon in bns. You need to improve your weapon, soul shields, and accessories, and you will get the main story weapon and try to max it out, just building it up enough to keep pace with the dungeons. It is easy to strengthen the weapon in early game, but it becomes more and more complex and costly in the later game stages. You do not need to strengthen weapon to the greatest extent, since the strong weapon start to become available when you hit level 45. You should speed up the level when your attack damage is falling behind.

There are specific stages to the evolution process. At one point, your weapon gains more critical chance, and then it switches to critical damage. As for soul shields and accessories, you can level up them as well, which is not necessary, because you can find new and better ones frequently.

Build up yellow and blue quests

Leveling up involves a combination of completing quests and grinding monsters. The more quests you take, the more bosses you will face, which have implication for your build - more single-target damage and crowd control. There are two main kinds of quests: yellow quests are main story quests; blue quests are optional quests. Both of them can provide Exp. Your build should be able to include in two kinds of quests. Sometimes dipping into blue quests can help you strengthen your weapon even if you do not need the Exp.


Leveling up is not just an end in itself. It is a good way to learn your class, weapon and make more bns gold, which will spend much time and energy. If you have no time or energy to do that, you can ask a professional bns power leveling site for help, or you can buy bns gold (bns gold kaufen) to speed up your level.





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