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Blade and Soul Hongmoon - Unlocking a Unique and Challenging Journey

Now Silverfrost Mountains Expansion in blade and soul is online, and it increases the character level cap from 45 to 50 and Hongmoon Level to 10. For many new beginners, it is not a terminus when their characters reach level 50, and they can continue to speed up Hongmoon level.

You can get more attribute addition along with Hongmoon level up, which is the same as the character level up, but there is no vitality restriction in Hongmoon, so you can imagine the distance between one character who is level 50 with Hongmoon 10 and level 50 with Hongmoon 0. Many players would like to practice Hongmoon level after they have reached level 45, but how to level up fast, which is the question that many players concern. Here mmogah as one of the best blade and soul gold seller shares the tips with blade & soul players.

Gaining experience to hit the new character level cap 50 and increase your Hongmoon Level to unlock additional skill points, which can increase your character's strength in combat and expand your available defense and offense ability.

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1. How to begin Hongmoon process?

You can begin to practice Hongmoon level beyond the character level 45 for gaining more skill points to further customize your character. It requires you to fulfill special conditions' quests to unlock the skill points.

In order to begin this process, you have to accept a quest: "Martial arts sublimation", and then head to the guardhouse of Silverfrost Mountain to speak with the Qing Gong Master, who will acquire you to find "fairy light orb". You can obtain the fairy light orb through guild crafting or buying from auction house. When you get it and hand in to Qing Gong Master, you can begin the journey to maximize your Hongmoon level. Moreover, your Exp bar will change from a silver dragon to a gold dragon, and the blue gauge will become a gold gauge.

2. How to speed up Hongmoon level?

Actually, it is the same way as the character level up, which can get more Exp through doing dailies, running instances and grinding mobs or bosses. When the Hongmoon level increases, you can obtain skill points and receive minor stat increases, such as: health, attack, defense, parry, and dodge. 

The most rewarding quests to speed up your Hongmoon level are:

- Mushin tower
- Pohwaran dungeon 24-man
- Pohwaran dungeon 6/4-man
- Blood Shade Harbor 24-man
- Blood Shade Harbor 6/4-man
- All 4 moonwater dungeons
- Hogshead Pasture Beach + Misty Woods Faction Quests
- All Misty Woods Dailies

If you finish these quests, you will gain much Exp to boost your Hongmoon level. Of course, once you reach certain level, you can go to the Arena and play PvP which can give you Exp too.

bns hongmoon level

As we know that it needs 750K Exp to reach Hongmoon level 1, and other levels need over 750K Exp, which is a long process to practice. If you have no time to do it, mmogah can provide Bns Hongmoon power leveling service for you. Of course, if you want to buy blade and soul gold (blade and soul gold kaufen) to strengthen your weapon or accessories, we can meet your requirement, since we have full stock blade and soul gold. If you choose us, we won't let you down!







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