• Blade and Soul Guide to Sogun’s Lament Bosses
    By John Ryan2016-05-03 00:00:00

    When you hit level 50, you can grind Sogun’s Lament (Snow Jade Palace of Grief) that is a new and challenging dungeon, and it has the most difficult boss to beat, offering a new pinnacle of content for players to tackle.

    Exploring a ruined palace that is located in the frozen north of the Silverfrost Mountains. The tragic tale of Prince Sogun is told throughout player's adventure, and player may be able to help to put his torture spirit to rest. Player must fight his/her way through the palace’s defense, including a small and elite army, then finally facing off Asura—the palace’s final boss. Today Mmogah as a professional bns gold store will share a guide to Sogun’s Lament bosses with blade and soul players


    Sogun’s Lament is divided into three areas. There are four bosses all together.

    First Area – Twin Giant Kids Bosses

    Bns Twin Giant Kids Bosses

    Julia - A mysterious girl summons two giant kids: Gold Kid and Silver Kid to beat players at the first area.

    1. Gold Kid uses a hammer, and Sliver Kid uses an axe. Both of them have a wide area of effect attack.

    2. Gold Kid has high attack, high blood volume and low defense; Silver Kid has high attack, low blood volume, high defense and more control ability.

    During the fight with them, gold and silver powder will be dropped, which can add buff to two bosses and players. The key to defeat two bosses lies in the strange powder.

    Normal Attack Mode

    Gold Kid  HP: 6,250,000;

    - Roar: Linear attack, knockback and knockdown effect;

    - Spin Hammer: 360 degree attack, which judges 2 hits, and knockdown effect (it switches to linear attack sometimes, which can move and evade);

    - Golden Hammer Smash: Smashing the ground twice in a row, frontal round in shape AOE;

    - Double Hammer Strike: Swing hammer twice in a row, frontal 180 degree attack, which judges 2 hits.

    Silver Kid  HP: 3,340,000.

    - Spin Axe: 360 degree attack, which judges 2 hits, knockdown effect (it switches to linear attack sometimes, which can move and evade);

    - Double Axe Strike: Swing axe twice in a low, frontal 180 degree attack, which judges 2 hits;

    - Sumo Palm Attack: Linear attacks as many as a dozen times hits, which can move and evade;

    - Spin Fist: No harm during spinning. After spinning, the boss will switch to a frontal linear attack, and knockback effect. If player attacks him while spinning, player will reel. 

    Buff Attack Mode

    The boss will cast a Golden/Silver Skin Buff (stackable) on himself at fixed intervals, increasing his own attack/defense, and slowing player movement speed.

    After releasing the buff, the boss starts to throw gold/silver to one of six players, who is the farthest from the boss. If player is smashed by gold/silver, player will speed down, lose blood and get harm. After throwing 2 pieces of gold or silver, the boss will go back to Normal Attack Mode.

    Key Points

    - When two bosses' buffs reach 4 layers, the bosses will become invincible.

    - The only way to remove the buff is knocking down the boss. Be wary that he will wake up. If he wakes up, he will jump to the other side, pull and grab player who has the aggro to himself across the glacier.

    - Try to maintain the bosses' HP at a proportion, the bosses at both sides switch positions at the same time.

    - Only the tankers change positions together with the boss, other 4 party members stay at their side to defense.

    - All attacks in Normal Attack Mode can be blocked.

    - The glacier at the middle cannot be crossed unless player has invincible skill, or when player touches it, player will be seckilled.

    Second Area – Lightning Beast

    Bns Lightning Beast

    Just like its name, it has high HP, and it can attack player with lightning. It summons several monsters to attack the player sometimes. If player is in the range of its electric blanket, he/she will receive high damage, so it is not good to go head recklessly when player fights with it.

    Third Area – Two Huge Birds “Volcano” and “Glacier”

    Bns Two Huge Birds “Volcano” and “Glacier”

    These two huge birds will take turns attacking player with fire and ice. In fact, these two birds are to help the last boss - Asura to recover HP.

    Ultimate Boss – Asura

     Bns Ultimate Boss – Asura

    Asura used to be the prince of Stratus Empire. Since the country was destroyed, he became a Devil with the help of Julia. With the combined power of fire and ice, Asura will synthesize Force Master’s and Blade Master’s skills.

    The boss owns over ten million blood volume, and it has high damage, so it demands very high on team's allocation and cooperation of team members. The boss divides into three modes: Normal Attack Mode, Fire Attack Mode and Ice Attack Mode.


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