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Blade and Soul Guide to Level 50 Weapons

By John Ryan2016-04-08

As you know, there is a unique weapon progression system in blade and soul, and you can use the same weapon throughout the game. We have introduced bns weapon guide before, now the character level cap from 45 to 50, which weapons can be chosen when they reach level 50? This is a major issue for bns players. A detailed analysis on level 50 weapons are presented here by Mmogah, who is a professional blade and soul gold seller, and we will share with you the requirement for evolving various weapons in the game. All these weapons are independent of the previous weapons for level 45 cap.

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The Mainstream Weapon: Extreme Pirate Weapon

If you dismantle Extreme Pirate Weapon, you will lose 20% specific skill damage, but it will give you a Pirate Soul. Pirate Soul is a new piece of accessory, and it grants 20% attack and 15% crit damage, so you can try to dismantle Extreme Pirate Weapon to get the Pirate Soul, which gives you additional attack and crit damage.

Pirate Soul eventually can combine with Red Legendary to produce an even more powerful Silverfrost Soul.

Godly Weapon: S1, S2 and S3

In previous level 45 cap, you may normally stick to the mainstream weapon until you get your hands on Gold Legendary, now the new level 50 cap introduces alternative weapons evolve path, namely the Godly Weapon S1, S2 and S3. These weapons become more affordable and common along with the game progress. However, in order to enjoy the content of the game, it would be better to consider other intermediate alternatives while trying to get your hands on S2 or S3 weapon, and it needs you to fulfill certain condition to breakthrough, and speed up your Godly Weapons' level.

Godly Weapon S1 - Shapeless

- You can obtain it from finishing main quest Chapter 32;

- It drops from any world boss and hero dungeon;

- It drops from Celestial Relic Box by chance.

Note: Currently, you no need to spend anything on speeding up S1 weapon's level. S1 evolve stone will be given when you complete the main quest, and you can speed up S1 weapon's level to 10 for free.

The materials and cost for each level are the same:
4 Ghost stones + 2 Legendary weapons soul + 10 Moon stones + 60 Soul stones + 35 Poison needles + 5 S1 Crystals.

Godly Weapon S2

It is more powerful than Weapon S1, and it divides into “Dark Transience” (S2-1) and “Light Transience” (S2-2) that are obtained from killing world boss. S2-1 is meant for survival, and S2-2 is mean for concentrated attack/PvE. The max level stat for S2 is slightly better than S1.

Godly Weapon S2 can also be exchanged with Blessed Legendary Weapon level 10 as well. Legendary weapon of other suffixes can be dismantled to get “Legendary Weapon Soul” which is used for growing Godly Weapon.

Godly Weapon S3

It is the most powerful weapon in blade and soul. There are a huge variety of attributes and suffixes, moreover, each of them has unique effect and stat.

One of the 4 suffixes (blessed, wondrous, shiny, and ill-fated) will be added to the weapon after getting the weapon to level 2 and level 2+. As usual, Blessed Suffix offers the most powerful effect and stats.

Currently, you should avoid getting Ill-fated prefix on your weapon, since it can't be repaired. The prefix can be changed when the equipment is level up again (the max level is level10).  

All in all, some weapons are easy to obtain, but some weapons are hard to obtain. At this time, you can buy blade soul gold (blade soul gold kaufen) to strengthen your weapons to beat the bosses quickly, or you can buy blade and soul power leveling service to help you to speed up the level.

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