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Blade and Soul: Dark Origins Update Is Upcoming on August 16th

The Game Blade and Soul has been officially consolidated the previous servers, planning to band bns players together in preparation for the upcoming update of Dark Origins. As a continuously updated BNS Gold store, MmoGah.com has adjusted our bns servers in time to meet our customers’ needs of buying BNS Gold for new challenges.



Heroic Dungeon: Ebondrake Lair

With the update of Dark Origins, players will experience the new story: Chapters 12 & 13 of Act 7, which will lead players down a new Heroic Dungeon - Ebondrake Lair. Players need to seek help to wake Jinsoyun, who has entered an eternal slumber. Players will progress to Aransu School quest line and then can enter the dungeon Ebondrake Lair, which is a Heroic 6-member dungeon available in both Normal and Hard mode. Participating in the dungeon, players can get many exciting items as rewards, such as Hellion Ring, Blackstone, Charm Pellet, Dark Vicar’s Secret Safe, Dark Vicar Weapons and Rising Flame Outfit & Adornment.





The new update Dark Origins includes 2 new raids: Scion’s Keep and Temple of Eluvium.




Scion’s Keep is a 24-member raid with a weekly lockout. Players will meet an increasingly difficult enemies until the final boss comes out, but in this progress players can get notable rewards, for example pieces 5 and 6 of the new Legendary Fallen Soul Shields, Legendary Mystic Badges for for Summoner, Force Master and Warlock, new cosmetics and Legendary Elemental Necklaces.


Temple of Eluvium is also a 24-member raid and is also with a weekly lockout. Players can get notable treasures within this raid such as pieces 1 through 4 of the new Legendary Fallen Soul Shields, Legendary Mystic Badges for Blade Dancer, Blade Master, Soul Fighter, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer and Assassin, and players can also get Legendary Elemental Necklaces and new cosmetics. With the future update players can get more legendary rewards from the Hive Queen – the final boss of Temple of Eluvium. MmoGah will provide more detailed information as we get closer to her arrival.


Both of the raid resets will occur on every Wednesday at 6am server time and the raid reset item for these two raids will not be available immediately. Please get close to that.


In order to make players catch up and participate in the new content, the difficulty of the raid Skybreak Spire will be lowered once the new two raids come.

● Fire Storm and Frost Explosion debuffs are no longer applied will be made to General Moyun and General Shuna.

● Less Corrupted Shamans will spawn at 60% and 30% will be made to Boss Venomsky Drake.

● The Annihilation debuff reduces Recovery by 1%, down from 2% will be made to Boss Bak Taisun.

● Phase changes now occur at 80% and 30% instead of 90%, 60%, and 30% will be made to Raven King.


New challenges are waiting for players in Dark Origins, and according to our experience in the gaming market, there will be a rise in Blade and Soul Gold price when the update is released. So if players need BNS Gold please place orders in time. MmoGah is a trustworthy website with countless of reviews, so do not hesitate to choose MmoGah.


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