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Blade and Soul - Amazing Kung Fu Master That You Can't Miss

John Ryan February 25th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

"I'm a big fan of monk-style character classes. I've played Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft. But it wasn't until Blade & Soul that I encountered the essence of Kung Fu--at least as far as a keyboard can capture. At its best, Blade & Soul delivers that rare brand of combat that makes me consider learning these moves for real. And that's why I'm so sad that the rest of the game never reaches the same heights."


This is a player's real comment of blade and soul. From here, you can see Kung Fu Master's moves have attracted so many players, and other classes can't reach the same heights. 

Kung Fu Master is one of the most popular classes in BNS, and it is known as the most difficult class to play well in the game. Its available races are: Gon, Jin and Yun. Today MmoGah shares Kung Fu Master's skills and PVP with you.



Kung Fu Master utilizes his/her own fists and feet to defeat enemies. It is no need to use weapons as Kung Fu Master, since punch and kick are enough. Kung Fu Master's battle style is swift and deadly, and he/she can use counter-attack to switch from defense to offense.

Most of the Kung Fu Master's attacks are with fast and effective speed. With such quick reflex, he/she can attack and defend with ease and is able to react to the most dire circumstances as quickly as possible.


Kung Fu Master's Notable Skills.

This is an important skill for Kung Fu Master to ensure survivability. It is amazing, since you can switch from defense to attack suddenly. It can change the tempo of the battle and gain momentum.

Leg Sweeping
Use your legs to sweep enemies with fast speed, which the aggressivity is very strong.


blade and soul kung fu master


Shattering Fist

This ability should be activated when you need to clear a mob of enemies. It brings about a lot of damage to enemies.

Comet Striking
This is good for clearing a group of enemies, and it has high damage ability.


Kung Fu Master's PVP skills in solo play and group play

  • This class is particularly good at one-on-one combat. With powerful counter and other skills, he/she can stay away from any harm in the combat.

  • This class plays a supportive role in the group play, and its greatest strength is that he/she can cooperate with other warriors. Its biggest contribution to the team is the group combos. Compared to other classes, Kung Fu Masters are more likely to converge with group combos. You need to spend a lot of exploration and experience to familiar with opponents.


Kung Fu Master’s true power is that he/she can catch the opponent’s attack, then counter-attack in the blink of an eye. His/her punch and kick can knock down enemies. Kung Fu Master can control the combat through use of combination attack. Although he/she is capable of facing multiple enemies at the same time, leaping and pouncing from one foe to another, it is the most efficient class in one-on-one combat.

Unfortunately, Kung Fu Master is not a high DPS class (damage per second).You have to practice hard to reach high DPS. If you are tired of practicing, you can buy blade and soul gold from a profession website.

Kung Fu Master requires that players have superior reflexes and powerful situational awareness, and adds the combat into the game. In the process, players have stumbled many times in the combat. Despite many difficulties, many players still struggle to play blade & soul.





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