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2 Scheduled Mobile Games of Blade and Soul

Dean Winchester August 31st, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

The rapid development of mobile games has a certain impact on client games indeed. This impact seems too obvious in Korea, which relies on games export so much. From 2012, we can see the profits from client games has become increasingly squeezed compared with mobile games in the annual financial sheets. Therefore, in Korea games market that mobile games sprang up, NCSoft, a company based on client games, tried to develop a new way.

 NCSoft said it will diversify its business portfolio to wider range of entertainment content based on game intellectual properties it has patented so far. In 2014, NCSoft announced 6 mobile games in Korea Gstar including a Blade and Soul mobile game. Blade and Soul has gained worldwide popularity of MMO gamers since released by its unique battle system innovation and oil painting style.

1. According to the released pictures at the press conference, the Blade and Soul Mobile will be a 3D game with card elements. The game applies a lovable style and its story is no longer heavy and dark, but more sunny and bright. The story line of main quests changed from revenge to sweet love. All classic characters in Blade and Soul will appear in the mobile version.

The battle style and skill cast of Blade and Soul Mobile has an extraordinary 3D effect exclusive art style. Meanwhile, the QingGong system will also appear in Blade and Soul Mobile.


2. Last month, Tencent Games announced a new mobile game based on NCsoft’s Blade & Soul IP, Hongmoon Rising. This game will be co-developed between the 2 companies. Its story takes place before the current Blade & Soul, and will look at the rise of the mighty Hongmoon Clan. This two Blade and Soul games has the same universe, character relations and skill system. Its is learned that NC wants to bring the authentic combat experience to mobile platform. Even VR support is considered for the future.

 According to the Chinese media, the game is still in the midst of development with no specific information announced. (Tencent, the parent company of Tencent Games, recently spent over USD 8 billion to purchase Supercell, developer of Clash of Clans. No.1 game company in China).


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