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Will ArcheAge’s Server Merger Become True?

John Ryan Date: June 05th, 2015 Views: 8224 archeage archeage gold archeage server merger mmogah

archeage server merger

Last month ArcheAge posted a notice in its official forum “We do not currently have plans to merge servers in the traditional sense. Instead, we plan something altogether different and look forward to revealing the plan as soon as we work out the details.” There are lots of discussions and arguments about the issue of server merger of ArcheAge after that, but now Trion has just posted a Server Evolution FAQ on their forum, so it shows that Trion is going to do it for sure. ArcheAge’s server merger is on the way.

At present, service of server transfers are available at local servers in South Korean. However it is still in manual process mode, and according to the team of Trion, automated option mode will be launched soon in the near future. At that time, ArcheAge’s players could transfer their characters from one server to another easily and sufficiently. According to the Server Evolution FAQ, there will be another new land rush on the servers. In that case, a guild can immediately establish a brand new castle on a varied lodestone when a castle has been removed. The result is that there will be a big chance for players to lose their lands. Here are some feedbacks from Aracheage forum.

server merger.png

Let’s see some basic information and highlights of the Server Evolution FAQ as below.

Subscribers for Evolution due to low populations:

Servers of NA: Enla, Ezi, Calleil, Inoch, Lucius

Servers of EU: Orchidna, Melisara, Nui, Janudar, Nebe

Why need an Evolution?

  • It is normal things based on a game’s life cycle: lower level zones used by low to mid-level players are underpopulated, and players move on to new games.

  • Player base gradually increases in game of ArcheAge, and lots of players have requested a way to bring together more players to the servers they belong to.

  • Regard to land ownership in game, we cannot choose the old style standard servers merges, but an Evolution to give players more free choices.


What exactly will happen during the Evolution?

  • New servers will be created, and players from present servers with low population move to those shiny new servers.

  • In a word, Archeage will do a “Land Rush”.


A test will be hit on PTS before the Evolution being live:

ArcheAge will try to set up hardware to test the Evolution on Public Test Server (PTS) first, and then test the migration of players, items, achievements and ArcheAge gold.


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