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Western Continent’s Best Robbery Spots in Archeage

Archeage is a game with high degree of freedom, including various gameplays. Almost all players want to rob their targets and do something that never happens in real life. However, many players don’t know how to rob targets and where are the best robbery spots. As for how to rob targets, our Archeage gold site has made detailed introductions before. So, here we will introduce western continent’s best robbery spots to all players in detail.

western continent

1. When running dual mandate in Elf Birthplace, many traders don’t satisfy the benefit from the trade, so they venture to the Star-Crossed Area. The best robbery spot is the only way to pass (between elf birthplace and star-crossed area). So, players can lurk here and watch for a chance to rob targets.


2. In the earlier times, many traders are glad to run trade from Solzreed Peninsula to Star-Crossed Area. The best robbery spot is the place where they land. Across Crescent Bay, here are few players, so players can slowly deliver goods which they have robbed to the pier.


3. When players sail Harpoon Clippers from Solzreed Peninsula to Star-Crossed Area, they will pass all kinds of isles which are the best robbery spots. Many new players often get stuck here due to those isles. At the moment, players can kill targets and take the whole cargo away.


4. There is an island on Arcadian Sea where many players like smuggling and changing goods with each other. However, the island is a neutral area, so other players can rob their targets and earn a fortune here.


5. There is a shortcut between Coral Area and Golden Plain, so players usually use sport cars to deliver goods to Coral Area via the shortcut. However, the sport cars often roll over when players pass the shortcut, at the moment other players should seize the opportunity to rob the targets. In addition, when players sail their ships, many of them will wrongly sail to the war zone. At the time, other players will also take action to rob their targets.


Above all, we just summarize the best robbery spots in western continent, however there are still many other best robbery spots in eastern continent. If players want to know more about robbery spots, please wait for our follow-up news. Maybe some players want to know about how to avoid being robbed too. To be honest, the possibility of avoiding being robbed is little, so the only way for players is to use Archeage gold to equip themselves well. All players should remember “Only the strong can be best.” If players want to know something else about Archeage, just keep your eyes on our Archeage News.



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