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Underwater Treasure Hunting in ArcheAge

By John Ryan2015-08-12

As we mentioned, there are numerous ways of making ArcheAge gold in game. For instance, crafting items, using trade packs, farming animals, planting trees, killing mobs, and also hunting treasure under the water. It is not only an amazing unknown adventure, but also can own attractive rewards and some extra gold to ArcheAge players.


Treasure hunting is an exciting and money making journey, but this is not everything what underwater treasure hunting is all about. There are under water mobs, sea pirates and the badass Kraken boss etc. with the journey, so players or guilds need to do full preparation before departure.


l  For underwater treasure hunting, first you need to have a ship. Two ways to prepare a ship:

- If you do not have a ship yourself, you can ask your friend who own a ship to take you to the location where you intend to hunt for sea treasure.

Start to craft a ship by yourself. The disadvantage is that it would cost you some time and money for crafting resources, but the good thing is you would finally have your own ship and can go underwater treasure hunting whenever and wherever you want to.


lTreasure is under the sea, so players need to prepare scuba gear before sailing.

1.     Find the gear at the stairs on the ship, leading from the water to the upper deck.

2.     Each time’s time limitation of scuba gear is 10 minutes, and you need to do full charge again of the gear before oxygen runs out.

3.     There are 3 components for scuba gear, flippers, diving suit and air bags.

archeage treasure hunting


l  Finding a good diving spot for underwater treasure hunting. Based on our experience treasure always show around the ocean floor and near wrecks of ship under the water. But there will be the boss Kraken or even world sea boss Leviathan surround, so players should go with your fellows together and prepare excellent armor and weapon before departure. Stock or buy Archeage gold for better armor and weapon will make your hunting adventure confidently and successfully. If players who would like to get some information of boss of Leviathan, please view our previous article “The Massive Sea Beast Leviathan in ArcheAge”.

treasure spot


lTreasure chests and air bag. Accordingly, “Studying the sea floor you can stumble upon a wreck, and next to it notice a couple of treasure chests, if you are lucky. “ It all depend on how good of your eyes are when doing search on the wrecks around the sea floor, so players need to look very carefully. After that rise the chests with air bag up to the sea surface, and take the treasure to the deck of ship.

 archeage treasure hunting


Treasure hunting is always profitable if players handled all above issues. It is also a good chance to test for yourself and your team’s underwater hunting ability and cooperation ability among each other in a mission. So what are you waiting for? Making all things above set and go for the underwater treasure hunting right now!

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