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Travel in ArcheAge World- Land, Sea and Air

John Ryan Date: June 17th, 2015 Views: 7720 archeage archeage gold mmogah mmorpg

ArcheAge is a popular and fantasy MMORPG game in worldwide. Players are free to choose their own paths and the ways that they prefer to play starting from the continents of Nuia and Haranya to the lost shores of Auroria which is the birthplace of class of magic. There are 120 classes available for players to choose in ArcheAge or players can live as a pirate, ransacking and pillaging the high seas for plunder and ArcheAge gold.


However, we would like to introduce the Travel guide of ArcheAge through three basic aspects: Land, Sea and Air.




-          Usually first mount is from the early quests, various merchants or as a reward in the game.

-          Mounts are obtained by players when they are still baby animals, so players who own mounts need to raise and take care of them when they grow into suitable companion.

-          Once mounts grow up they are totally separate characters. They have different abilities, and they can also be attacked by NPC when players riding them into a war.

-Starting Mounts:

Armor can provide extra protection for players’ mounts, and armors can be purchased by ArcheAge gold from legit ArcheAge gold selling online shop such as Mmogah.


-Moreover, Farm Wagon, Vehicles and Carriages are also the three main transports in the game.

-Memory Tomes & Woldgates:

-          Memory Tomes are as characters’ recall points that characters can return to any time with this recall ability.

-          Players also can travel to any places through the Woldgate. It is very simple, and all players need to do is selecting the specific location that they would like to go to and jumping into the gate to teleport.



In ArcheAge world, it provides a range of ship types with varied features. See the all kinds of ships below:


-Clippers: Harpoon clipper and adventure clipper

-Merchant Ship

-Warships: Eznan cutter and lutesong junk

-The Black Pearl

-Fishing boat



Flying is considered as one of the fastest ways to transport from one place to another in ArcheAge.

-Glider is a unique take on flying mounts that allow players to control their characters in the air. There are many different models and with varied abilities such as upward boosts, dropping on targets below, quick sider-rolls, self-destruction, etc.


Glider is offered from quest line. Players can choose their own gliders based on the following attributes.

-          Flight Speed

-          Gliding Ability

-          Turning Speed

-          Initial Speed

-          Special Skill


-Airship is an awesome item for saving significant time for players, once players who are on board can also change their mind to jump off of an airship mid-route, so it is very convenient transportation in ArcheAge.



All these transports are purchasable with ArcheAge gold, so it’s time to stock some gold now. Mmogah as a professional ArcheAge gold selling service has run the business for over 10 years, is a reliable and secure gold seller. If you have any demand of ArcheAge gold for building your characters’ gears or equipment, you can visit our website www.mmogah.com

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