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The Summary of Logging on the Eastern and Western Continents in Archeage

Logs are very popular in Archeage, because making a lot of things needs logs, so all players are inseparable from logs. Almost all life players regard logging as their main life skill, in addition to buying saplings to plant themselves (here Archeage gold will be needed), players often do lumbering in the wild, as we know the later method is usually a better choice. Planting high performance-price ratio trees has been shared before, today we will introduced the logging in detail.


Trees are divided into two species:

  • One is the tree without fruits, such as cedars, ebony trees, pines, birches, hybrid poplars and so on, which are cut down to provide players numerous logs (these trees all belong to the best trees among logs), definitely first cut.

  • The other one is the tree with fruits, such as rubber trees, apple trees, grapes trees and so on, when these trees get mature players not only can collect fruits, but also cut down these trees. However, cutting these trees needs too many labors but logs required are rarely collected, so these trees are left in the end and even not to be cut down.


In order to help players collect more logs, our Archeage gold selling site will be ready to introduce some intensive logging spots on the Eastern and Western Continents to all players.


When it comes to the Eastern Continent, there are often cedars refreshed on the left of Tigerspine Mountains, various and numerous trees refreshed at the entrance to the below Chant Land, many pines and cedars refreshed at the entrance to the lower right corner of Ancient Forests.


Wild trees on the Eastern Continent are comparatively special, first there are lots of woods here, but can be rarely collected, even less than the Western Continent. However due to the climate here, trees on the Eastern Continent can grow many fruits, like rubber trees, banana trees and cocoa trees, so players mainly collect fruits from these trees.


Then there are lots of “old woods” in the ancient forests on the Eastern Continent, but more labors collect less old woods instead which is not particularly worthwhile. If players don’t care about the number of logs and just want to improve life skills as soon as possible, our site advises players to cut down these old woods which are all over the maps.

When it comes to the West Continent, Snow Forest certainly is the first choice of logging, this map is really the Holy Land of loggers where are many kinds of wild trees and numerous trees refreshed, especially beeches, miscellaneous poplars, silver birches, cedars, and oak trees.


As for other Western Continent maps, trees are not too compact here, scattering around the corners of these maps. However due to the Western Continent’s moderate climate, there are still numerous trees on the whole.


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