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The Summary of ArcheAge Update 1.7: The Dread Prophecies

ArcheAge Update 1.7: The Dread Prophecies

The Dread Prophecies was officially released on April 28th, which is popular among players and boosts the archeage gold market a lot. The version 1.7 is featured on PvP and focuses on naval combats. Creating an appropriate ship of your own via the all new ship customization system is key to travel on the high seas. There are many new contents added in the game and it’s a brief summary in the below:

1. Two new zones are added: Golden Ruins and Mistmerrow

    ●   Golden Ruins is PvE-focused and Mistmerrow is PvP-focused. Golden Ruins is a vital staging point for the Crimson Watch, you can gain access to the full quest line including the adventures teaching you how to build Obsidian Weapons. It has medium-sized housing area where you can build your house or farm.

    ●   Mistmerrow, located to the north of Sungold Fields, is riddled with wars. When a new war begins, World Gates appear in all central city hubs and participating players gather at a Crimson Watch hub located in the center of the zone and are automatically added to a raid with members from their faction: the Nuia Alliance, the Haranya Alliance, or the Pirate Alliance. In the war that PvP is available, your faction members should fight together to win the victory.

2. All new ship customization system

You can add components to your ship and tailor it into what you want. Increase its ability by choosing different custom components: sails, armanents, navigation and so on. But please remember that a higher-tier component will increase the weight of your ship, so try not to overload. For more details on Ship Customization, read on the article of How to Customize Your Ship after the Dread Prophecies for ArcheAge.

3. Naval Combats

It’s important to build and tailor your ship’s speed, maneuverability, strategic abilities and combat prowess.

The top speed is largely determined by its sails and the figureheads can provide a limited-duration forward speed boost. A good rudder influences the turning speed and even though the heavy components slow your ship down but they provide increased HP, making the ship more durable.

4. Daily event Abyssal Attack

When the Abyssal Attack begins, players from all 3 factions will receive a notice that Ezi’s Light is under assault. Sail to the Sea of Graves and try to destroy the Abyssal Kraken. You can gain Ship Component Regrade Scroll for destroying the Kraken, and a holy beacon would appear on the island at the base of Ezi' Light. By channeling into the beacon for 5 uninterrupted mins you can gain control of the Whirlpool Island. If you achieve it, you can gain the following rewards:

   ●   ArcheAge Gold: Make trade packs via the Abyssal Crystal and sell to the Ocean Trader for 70 gold each.

   ●   2 cannons: A pair of powerful cannons to defend your newfound wealth.

   ●   Holy standard: At both Whirlpool Island and your faction’s primary port. This standard grants a buff to any member of your faction, improving key abilities in every skill tree and increasing shelling damage for 3 hours.

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