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The Solutions of Some Archeage’s Difficult Tasks in Western Continent

Nowadays, more and more players like playing Archeage. Archeage (particularly liberal and durable) is really worth taking the time to play, however there are always some difficult tasks which make players headache. As a selling Archeage gold site, we also play Archeage all the time and here summarize some our solutions of Archeage’s difficult tasks in western continent to all players in detail.

western continent


1. When getting to level 10 in Gweonid Forest, players need to arrive in Lebanon. There is an elite task which is refreshed at 2 o’clock (PST) in the afternoon each day, so players should pay attention to the time (they can do the task if it happens to be about 2 o’clock, or they may not do the task).


2. Players basically need to do all tasks in Snow Forest. The only difficulty is to find a Queen Bee, however players can see it easily with standing on a hill. More importantly, here is where the honey is made in the future.


3. When it comes to Marianople, players will receive an elite task which requires players to kill boss in the house, in fact, players don’t have to kill boss and can directly click on quest items.


4. In the Dual Mandate, the hardest part is near the end of the game. When King asks players to kneel down, the system will display the wrong prompt in the general chat channel, which is a bug of translation system and players should pay attention to choose “Kneel Down” instead of “On One’s Kneel”.


5. Golden Plains are PVP heaven, and many new players who all know about the task which appears at the start of the war and can be accomplished in the future.


6. When it comes to Hell, players should always pay attention to red prompts. There are no difficult tasks but still dangerous.


7. When it comes to Coral Area, players mainly pay attention to how to go to Eastern Continent. Actually, players can go to Eastern Continent through the portal which is in Gold Port.


8. When it comes to Stone Forest, the first task is to use magic to go to the mountains, however a lot of people don’t know how to go the mountains. In fact, there is a pentagram next to the NPC, players can go to the mountains when the pentagram starts the magic.


9. When it comes to the Meadow, players need to find a box with a sword and a knife to accomplish the task inside the cave. However the box doesn't exist all the time, so players just skip the task without waiting for a box. There is another task which requires players to find 2 lions and also needs players to wait for lions, actually, our site advises players to directly skip the task.


10. When it comes to Emerald Valley, there is nothing difficult. Mainly, many players don’t know how to go to the burial place. Actually, players just need to pass through the portal on the top floor of the Picking Star City. However, the most difficult task here is to go to Dragon Tear Lake. How to go there is still a problem. Actually there is a road behind the tent of the boss (here usually needs to use Archeage gold to buy equipment to fight with the boss). Going ahead along the road, players will see a lake, and here is a task that requires players to enter the lake which can make players died, as a result players will get almost full level after resurrection.


Above all, we hope to benefit all players a lot. If players still want to know more about current news about Archeage, please pay attention to our Archeage News.


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