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The Sea of Drowned Love Weekend Dungeon Is a Success in ArcheAge

The Sea of Drowned Love, a level 50 dungeon added in ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.16, along with the red dragon boss and the winter maiden festival event. Since this time updating, archeage gold price has increased some when compared with before, and I saw many positive feedback about this new dungeon on some forums.

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The Sea Goddess known as Dahuta was a mortal elf known as Aranzebia, she is in the depth of the Arcadian Sea near Freedich Island. You must stop the vengeful and terrifying Dahuta before she gathers enough power to drown the world. The following tips may help you.

  • You can use Wings to avoid the stun of the "Dahuta's Geyser"

  • If you take too much time to kill Dahuta, there is an enrage mode : D

  • The best way to kill her once she's at 25% is too burst DPS and kite/cc the big adds.

  • Dahuta's minion when spawned will lasso everyone immediately. You must run out of his aoe range immediately or you'll be frozen for a long time. Drop back or teleport will help for sure.

  • Everytime dahuta does a circle chain skill, it means that one out of three thrash mobs will spawn - dahuta's monitor lizard, nothing special, the easiest to kill

  • A large group of sea bugs - this deals a lot of damage to the tank so when it spawns right behind dahuta, healers must prepare to cast fervent or antithesis once they pounce.

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