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The Salvage of the Dead Leviathan in Archeage

As the most powerful BOSS on the sea, of course Leviathan is not easy to be defeated by players, however more difficult fight is waiting for players-the salvage of Leviathan.


Leviathan, the most powerful BOSS on the sea, its surface is covered with long and fine wrinkles, particularly its back is as hard as a shield which makes itself own strong defense ability, so many players will  need to be together to kill it (about the introduction of Leviathan, which we have done before, if you want to know about it, please click here). However, the most important part of the gameplay is yet to come. Here our Archeage gold selling site will introduce the most important part-fight for salvaging the dead Leviathan.

 salvage leviathan

The apparent beginnings of war: general powers vs pirates


After defeating Leviathan transiently, the fight for dead Leviathan will start sooner. When the fight is over, there will appear the salvage of the dead Leviathan above the 30M of the land within 3 seconds. After the dead Leviathan is summoned, the whole range of players should be well prepared for the salvage of the dead Leviathan. More importantly, we want to tell players that the dead leviathan will just last for 190 minutes, so players have to confirm the remaining time through the health of the dead Leviathan.


General power needs to salvage the dead Leviathan to the coast, while pirate directly needs to destroy the dead Leviathan. Either of two powers who achieves goal will be rewarded correspondingly. In other words, the teammates who kill Leviathan together a minute ago may be the unscrupulous enemies for the purpose of each in the next minute, all in all everything depends on how you choose.

All kinds of equipment needed (here Archeage gold is needed a lot)


After killing Leviathan, the gameplay starts a new chapter. General power needs to use the ship for salvaging the dead Leviathan. Harpoon clipper, small sailboat and medium sailboat all can be used, that is to take advantage of the Harpoon clipper to drag the dead Leviathan or use the boat to propel the dead Leviathan forward. Usually at the moment players need lots of Archeage gold to buy their equipment and our Archeage gold selling site is always the first choice of players. It’s worth noting that using the boat is easier to move than taking advantage of Harpoon clipper, but the former will also easily make the dead Leviathan damage and will be even likely to lead to salvage failure.


When the dead Leviathan shows up, pirates are ready to attack it. Then pirates will use vessels, artillery fire and so on to destroy the dead Leviathan before it is sent to the coast by general powers.


After the salvage of Leviathan is successful, everyone (regardless of the enemy) is able to enjoy a happy celebration. Players can get the experience points and loot rate, full attack, attack speed and many other useful buffs during the period of maintaining and strengthening.


If players want to know more about Archeage, please pay attention to our Archeage News. Look forward to your coming!


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