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The Playability of Mainstream Profession in Archeage

John Ryan Date: July 01st, 2015 Views: 7335 archeage gold archeage mainstream profession archeage

The ArcheAge Devouring Depths Game Update has awakened, in the meantime, there are many new updates in Archeage marketplace which make the game more popular among players. As we know, there are 10 skillsets and 120classes in Archeage. In order to help new players master the gameplay better and faster, our Archeage gold selling site here is glad to summarize the playability of mainstream profession (shared by some elite Archeage players).


The elite players introduce the playability of mainstream profession in the following parts:


  • Judging from Archeage Korea Server, mature team battles must be dominated by Tank (when Tank fights with Boss, Monk helps recover Tank’s blood points), such as ArcheAge Sage’s Temple. Tank-mounted Messengers of God and Silver Sage (the Magic, Minstrel and Life) are also very powerful.


  • Our site thinks that Nightmare in level 55 is more powerful than Styx and Shield. After all, the Death and Magic in level 55 are not awesome at all. Maybe, the best choice is to kill Monk. Local play is to kill Archangel which is good at fighting and defending (Elemental, Magic and Iron Wall). Dragon Blade is quite good, however it is useless in team battles. When players are in the enemy field, Dragon Blade can’t be used to fight with the enemy and control the whole enemy field.


  • During the team battle, Archangel is first introduced to the Monk. Then Gilda Star, the Dark Wizard, Magic Feather Mage, Psychic (Magic, Elements and Minstrel) are introduced one by one and all are of about the same power. At last, Shadow Blade is introduced.


  • During the small-scale gameplay, the hottest Mage is the Shadow Blade Master, and Magic Feather is not bad.


  • Eagle Ranger and Ghost Assassin (both will never be out of date), coupled with Shadow Blade are always the strongest and best profession in mobility.


  • During the team battle, Silver Ranger is first regarded as the Archer, because Monk in level 55 compares crane with each other and Silver Ranger will not be killed within second.


  • During the team battle, Tank and Monk should be in the front of the team, which will help players win the game a lot.


  • As for the Assassin, Witchcraft and Shadowplay, the former is stronger than the latter.


  • In the mature team battle, those traditional professions are really hard, like Eagle.


  • In short, the whole contents are provided by the elite players and really help a lot of other players upgrade in Archeage. What’s more, we want to remind new players to buy and save enough Archeage gold, because almost all gameplays (the elite players recommend) need Archeage gold to equip players’ characters. If players want to choose the most trustful site to buy Archeage gold, please trust me that Mmogah is the best choice, and it provides the reliable service for all players. Look forward to your coming!


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