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The Massive Sea Beast Leviathan in ArcheAge

By John Ryan2015-06-12


As the Devouring Depths game updated, the world boss Leviathan is brought into the game of ArcheAge. This massive creature will wreak havoc its anger to the ships that passing cross its path, so players should do full prepare before setting sail for glory hunting trip for the boss Leviathan. Now let’s see some information of this massive dangerous sea creature.


Where players can find Leviathan?

This giant sea beast can be found roaming the Arcadian Sea region.


Qualification and some basic informaiton for hunting the Leviathan

  • Because hunting the beast is a very dangerous endeavor, so first it will require a proper plan and a specialized navy army.

  • Leviathan is a world boss, therefore only a large guild or well-coordinated alliance can have the opportunity to defeat the sea beast.

  • Special cannons are considered as necessary equipment, so players should prepare a large amount ofAarcheAge gold first for preparing gears and equipment.

  • Some crews must be prepared to defend their allies’ ships when the Leviathan stops to summon its swarms of minions.

  • The whole hunting process will take a long time, and the hunt itself will involve a grueling chase all over the Arcadian Sea, as the monster changes between fleeting for more safe water and turning back to smash at its pursuers.


Enoan Galleon: A floating fortress is very important

Because the Leviathan has large and strong jaw, so it has swallowed countless small shops. Only the fleet that defeats the Leviathan will recover the original design for the galleon’s construction.

The Enoan Galleon is the largest warship.

  • It is with two decks, three masts, and luxurious captain’s quarters.

  • It has very unique rowing system which has the ability to carry the legendary sea drake figurehead make it a swift and deadly predator.

  • It has marvelous defensive capabilities for hunting the Leviathan.

  1. First players need to raise the cannon deck to the second level.

  2. The rear ramp seals shut.

  3. Bristling with damaging spears to repel invaders. Once all these three defenses are set, the Enoan Galleon is unbeatable.


Fame and Glory for successfully hunting the Leviathan

The guilds who successfully defeat the Leviathan will be given a chance to share their victory and glory with the world. The dead body of creature will be hoisted up on the great fishing crane at the Ayanad Library, granting all nearby players and NPC’s a powerful buff for celebrating of the mighty beast’s demise.


Although the rewards and glory are desirable for all of the players of ArcheAge, players should know that the hunting journey is never an easy one.




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