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The Featured Gameplay-the Trial System in Archeage

Nowadays, Archeage becomes more and more popular, which depends on not only its combat system and life system, but also featured trial system. Here our Archeage gold selling site wants to introduce the featured trial system in detail.

trial system

First, trial system is a featured Archeage system, which is the system that deals with in-game crimes (theft, assault, murder). In the game, killing players and forcibly robbing property will add players’ evil points. When the evil points reach a certain level, players will be summoned to the court for trial. Based on the severity of the crime, the trial system will give players appropriate levels of penalty. But if players do not admit their crimes all the time, the court will gather a jury for trial.


When it comes to the penalty system, what is the penalty system? That is based on the severity of the crime, the appropriate levels of penalty the trial system will give to players, more criminal records, more severe trials. Usually, after confessing their own crimes, the players will be sent directly to prison.


However, if players do not confess their own crimes all the time, the trial system will gather a jury for trial. Based on players’ crimes, jurors have rights to punish them. What’s more, jurors need to have permission to attend the trial and punish players. In the game, jurors need to complete the related tasks to get the qualification of juror.


Jury trials are divided into five processes: session-trial-verdict-sentence-pronouncing sentence


Finally, after the trial, players will get punishment according to players’ actual crimes. The players who are found guilty are sent to prison; acquitted players are directly released from the court. If players drop or leave the game during the trial, guilty players who are judged will be directly to prison when they reconnect and log in the game, while acquitted players will be sent to the court again.


To be honest, there are a lot of players being sent to the court, however they and many jurors are friends, so even though they kill other players in game, they still be acquitted. In short, unspoken rules exist not only in reality, but also in game!


Finally, we have to tell players that, once they kill, rob other players’ property, or often commit crimes in the game, the evil points will always follow the player. But players can accomplish assigned task (Archeage gold needed) to reduce a small amount of crimes. So our site wants to remind the players who love or want to try to play pirate profession to think over the problem of evil points. Anyway, our site hopes to benefit all pirate lovers. If players still want to know more about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage News.


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