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The Differences between Buying ArcheAge Gold from Trion and Buying from Gold Selling Sites

By John Ryan2015-03-12

How to play game just depends on your taste. Powerleveling through playing dungeons or gathering your gold through crafting, either of which is choice of yourself. There are also many players who do not hope to spend too much time in grinding and gathering gold, they need less time to play but with high quality, so buying archeage gold is necessary for them. 

The Differences between Buying ArcheAge Gold from Trion and Buying from Gold Selling Sites

For players of ArcheAge NA/EU servers, you may know that you can buy gold from Trion Store (Marketplace) or from gold selling sites, then have you compared with them and known of their differences?

  • Buying archeage gold from Trion Store

If you want to buy gold from Trion Store, you should first purchase APEX with your dollars or credits, then sell it on the AH. An APEX costs you $10 and can sell 400G more or less regardless of the 10% tax, that is to say, if you use this method, 100G=$2.5(You buy 100G with $2.5). You can see the advantages and disadvantages in the following:

1. Under the circumstances of
Trion serious ban wave for third party programs, gold selling sites, buying gold from Trion Store is undoubtedly the most secure method which won’t lead to your gold disappearing or your account getting banned.
2. Buying from Trion Store is more expensive than buying from gold selling site, especially when some gold selling sites covering the 10% tax for you.
3. When you sell items on the AH, you should put in selling price and time, if you do not sell out your items in given time, your deposit will not be turned back, you will lose your gold.
4. Certainly, even though there are
several servers share the same AH in archeage, item circulation is not of a problem, but it does need a period of time for you to sell out your items.

  • Buying archeage gold from gold selling sites

Buying gold from gold selling sites is fast and convenient, however, choosing a trustworthy one is important. As reasons listed above, buying through this method is cheaper and faster. But not as safe as buying from marketplace. If you check out the market price for gold selling site, you’ll see that 100G=$2. Trading via AH is the most popular method in the market because it’s the safest. Some gold selling sites also cover tax for players such as mmogah.

The Differences between Buying ArcheAge Gold from Trion and Gold Selling Sites

Do remember to check out the reviews of the gold selling site before you decide to buy there, choosing a safe trade method and a legit site are both necessary for your smooth order, all of these are ready at


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