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The Comprehensive Summary of Making Archeage Gold’s Methods Provided by Professional Players in Archeage

John Ryan August 14th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Mmogah believes that MMORPG lovers all knows about the importance of GOLD in game. Furthermore, Archeage is no exception, Archeage gold also plays a very important role in Archeage.  Then Archeage players all look for the best way to make Archeage gold, in order to benefit all players Mmogah here summarizes the comprehensive methods of making Archeage gold.


1. Making Archeage gold by using life skills in production and manufacture


Raising cows makes milk money. Players should keep cows in their pumpkin farms or the security zones around their houses, so that others can’t steal or rob cows. Milk can be sold directly to NPC, or put on Auction House for sale, or sell to the players who learn to cook food, players can gain stable incomes but slender profits.1 labor earns 2.7 gold on average. Here Mmogah wants to remind players that they should keep their pumpkin farms and houses in temperate climates. Cows in temperate climates can be squeezed milk every 7 hours, in other words can be squeezed three times a day, while can just be squeezed every 10 hours in other climates. In addition, a pumpkin farm can keep 20 cows.


2. Making Archeage gold by fishing (Mmogah has introduced fishing contest in Fantasyland)


Players should prepare fishing robs (made on workbench) and earthworms well (planting crops has more chances to get earthworm), and practice catching small fishes at the beach until gain 20,000 proficiency.


Then players need to make a fishing boat (it is not cheap, so Archeage gold is needed now). After finishing their preparation-fishing rods, baits and hooks, players can sail out to go fishing. At first players need to use scanning radar to find fish on the deep sea, then use baits (also made on the workbench) to attract fish, at the time begin to catch big fishes. Fishing boats have fish warehouses, which can accommodate 5 middle-sized fishes and 2 big fishes (a big fish is sold to NPC for 80~99 gold) are hanged in their sterns.


Fishing is a lucrative but risky production activity: it is easily robbed by enemy players. In the case of fish left in the fish warehouse, fishing boat is really risky. It is common thing that fishing boat is robbed and smashed. So, players who want to use this method should protect themselves from being in danger.


3. Making Archeage gold by running trade

trade run

Players usually make trade goods on the Eastern Continent, and then sell trade goods to the NPC traders on Western continent’s Coral Coast; or make trade goods on Western continent, and then sell trade goods to Liberty Island, which are the gold trade routes separately. Set Western continent as an example, a bag of lavender sold to Liberty Island can harvest 9 gold (30% price plus), costing less than 2 gold. A trade ship can hold 20 bags of goods, if player can succeed in running trade, he will make 140 gold.


However players should focus on the same situation with fishing, because there are also unimaginable risks-murdering, robbing, and smashing all make players headache. So, this method is also suitable for stronger players.


4. Making Archeage gold by robbing and stealing (Mmogah also shares some tips for robbery before)


Killing and stealing someone else’s boats and fishes, as well as robbing trade items all are the things that players who like fights. In addition, some players climb onto the secluded Mountains to plant their plants due to a large quantity and lessen security zones. So some experienced thieves climb around to look for other players’ plants, which is also the way to make money.


Above all, even though there are many good methods for players to make Archeage gold by themselves, there are full of risks in those methods (those methods always request the higher abilities of players), so Mmogah sincerely advises players had better to buy Archeage gold directly, keeping “money begets money”. All players can further learn from Why Players Prefer to Buy Archeage Gold Rather than Make Money by Themselves in Archeage. If players still feel difficult to upgrade or have no time to play Archeage, we have professionals provide Archeage Power Leveling for you. We are waiting for you!


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