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The Comprehensive Analysis of Four Senior Gliders in Archeage

As we know, Archeage is a MMORPG which involves Land, Sea, Air three fields. When it comes to the Land, mounts are necessary for players; when it comes to the Sea, ships are necessary for player; when it comes to the Air, gliders are necessary for players. As the symbol of freedom, the Air is always the field which players look forward to. Here our Archeage gold selling site will introduce the good helpers-four senior gliders in the air.


  • Thunderbolt Glider

Advantage: the highest glide ability, fast takeoff speed.

Disadvantage: slow glide speed, slow swing speed.

The Skills for the Thunderbolt Glider can cause a ranged damage (1500-2000) by throwing a barrel bomb to the ground. However the releasing time of the bomb is more difficult to control, so players need to do repetitious practice. Thunderbolt Glider is perfectly applied in siege or large-scale combat, the best tools for throwing bomb when flying and touring in the air, the super glide ability on whether flat or mountain.

Basically Thunderbolt Glider can fly higher and higher, barely could fall from the sky unless the glide time is over (limited to nine and a half minutes at a time). Slow flight speed is easy to enjoy the beauty but difficult to escape.


  • Red Dragon Glider

Advantage: fast glide speed, higher glide speed, fast takeoff speed.

Disadvantage: slow swing speed.

The skills for the Red Dragon Glider can cause burst damage (3500-4000) within 40 meters. It’s easy to operate the Red Dragon Glider. Red Dragon Glider can fight with ten in the siege or large-scale combat, sacrifice itself to help its teammates to get a favorable war situation.

Due to the fast glide speed, Red Dragon Glider has a poor ability of flying power, so it is not applied to travel in the air and escape.

 red dragon glider

  • Moonshadow Glider

Advantage: higher glide ability, fast takeoff speed.

Disadvantage: moderate glide speed, moderate glide speed.

The skills for the Moonshadow Glider is invisible for 30 seconds. Moonshadow Glider is applied to stealth attack invisibly in one-on-one combat, when weakening in the war situation, Moonshadow Glider quickly takes off invisibly.

Although moderate comprehensive abilities, but Moonshadow Glider is the best tool of escaping.


  • Glider of the Goddess

Advantage: the fastest glide speed, the highest glide speed, fast swing speed and takeoff speed.

Disadvantage: none.

The skills for Glider of the Goddess release invincible blisters in the air, invincible flying within 7 seconds, are immune to any control of damage skills. Glider of the Goddess is applied to escape in the Group Combat when weakening in the war situation.

Basically, taking off successfully can save its small life, Glider of the Goddess can guarantee to escape safely with fast flight within 7 seconds. Glider of the Goddess can also easily catch up with targets without the fear.

glider of the goddess

Recently, the Enhanced Skywhisper Glider has been released, the special glider can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings. Available for 450 Loyalty Tokens. It is worth having a try. Our site updates Archeage News in time, please keep your eyes on www. mmogah.com.


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