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The Cart for Trade Run on the Continents in Archeage

Trade run on the continent is one of the most popular gameplays in Archeage, which is also a better choice for making money. When it comes to trade run, we have to say that vehicles are the most important, how much players earn depends on what types of ship they have. Now, our Archeage gold selling site will be glad to introduce the most representative vehicle-cart to all players.


Owing to the most representative vehicle for trade run, players should pay attention to cart manufacture. When it comes to cart manufacture, players can make carts themselves with 50G to buy the cart design or directly purchase their carts from Auction house. Both methods of cart manufacture involve Archeage gold, so our site wants to remind all players to prepare Archeage gold in advance. However, where and how to buy safe, cheap and fast Archeage gold make players headache, as a 10+ years Archeage gold selling site, we are glad to provide best service for our customers.


There are cart skills in the following parts:                                              

cart skill 

  • The first on the left is “verification” skill. Players must click on it before getting off their carts, otherwise their carts may be driven by other players.


  • The second on the left is “fuel” skill. When using the skill with consumption of an environmentally fuel, it will take one player 8 minutes to add a speed buff to his cart (increasing speed 50%).


  • The third on the left is “Siren” skill. When players drive their carts, the sound effects add fun to the gameplay (while it does not have any practical use).


  • The fourth on the Left is the “irrigation” skill. The skill is used to irrigate the farmland, and players can irrigate a land at a time with the skill, so farmers who are in the pursuit of efficiency can have a try on the skill.


  • The fifth on the left is “water” skill. Players can water from where players can find water. The skill is prepared for “irrigation” skill in advance.


  • Two other skills left are general skills which players use to check their carts’ conditions when they leave their carts.



  • Cargo capacity is the biggest advantage of cart, and a cart can load with about seven bags of cargo at a time. Players can earn 7 blue salts from 1 bag, about 50 blue salts from 7 bags in total.


  • Fields can be rolled at random without the influence of farming and building, so players drive the carts just like bulldozers.


  • Cart is really excellent, there are no other vehicles which can run into and damage the cart in Archeage. As a result, some undesirable players always use the carts to block the roads.



  • Carts are easy to be driven into the ditch, but get out hard. Carts are difficult to be driven in the city and often get jammed. However, there is a simple way to deal with the complex terrain-turn the carts back to drive.


  • The cart’s speed has no advantage, and even cart is easily robbed in the risk fields.


All in all, we summarize the cart for trade run on the continents, and hope to benefit all players. If players want to know more about the Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage News.


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