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The Analysis of the Pirate in Archeage

There are three parties in Archeage: Eastern Continent Alliance, Western Continent Alliance and Pirate. As the third party, pirate is the most vulnerable, which is only active in territorial waters. Pirate is the member who comes from either Eastern Continent or Western Continent, of course, pirate can also go back to the original continent by cleaning the evil points.

archeage pirate

  • Weaknesses: once pirate is killed when he lands on the continent, pirate will be sent to prison and remained in prison for a long time (general about 40 minutes). It is this punishment that makes it impossible for pirate to become a powerful party. However, there are less players who choose to be pirates, so if some players want to be pirates, our Archeage gold selling site sincerely advises to look for a stronger pirate union.

 send in prison

  • Advantages: pirate is actually a very interesting profession, adventuring at sea, justifiably robbing targets. Our site has share the tips of robbery before, you can click here to better know about robbery. What’s more, it’s convenient for pirates to sail out and rob targets. In addition, there is also a pirate buff and a title of swimming speed.


How to be a pirate?


When evil points reach 3000, players will automatically be out of the continent and become pirates.


  • Brushing evil points: the fastest way (3 players including yourself) is to find a guard far from stable administrator at random and tell the partner to buy a 1-level pet (here Archeage gold needed), then you kill the pet (it is infinitely recovered), at last the 3rd partner report your crime. This way will help you be a pirate within 1 hour. However, our site wants to remind all players who want to be pirates to find your pirate unions and let them to open the door of Roaring Island before becoming pirates, or you will be killed and put to prison.

  • Washing criminal record: there are 3 methods for pirates to wash their criminal records. First, doing roaring task but washing criminal records slowly. Second, asking the court for help in the trial. No guilty can help faster wash criminal records. Third, eating 30 bottles of split milk, which can help wash criminal records directly (the combination of second and third methods really saves pirates’ money and labors).

 in the court

How to prepare for a pirate?


  • First, players need to get full levels and try to split and upgrade their equipment to the highest, because as a pirate, nobody hopes to be killed again and again by traders when robbing targets.


  • Second, preparing a good ship, at least Harpoon, Ancient sail and Propeller included, because pirates are just active on the sea and their basic travel is by boat and warship boat.


  • Third, there is still a preparation that players should find more partners as soon as possible. More partners get higher robbery rate. If you have warships, you can also join the naval battles.


  • Fourth, if players want to play pirate profession, you must take up several plots of land on Roaring Island, because there are few plots on Roaring Island. Pirates can use these plots to store loots or build a house.


  • At last, we hope that players can get fun from pirate profession and suggest that Trion can reduce certain penalties of pirate, allowing more players to experience the fun of third part-pirate. If players want to know more about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage News.


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