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The Analysis of Archeage Life Skills

John Ryan Date: July 03rd, 2015 Views: 9290 archeage gold archeage life skill archeage

A masterpiece of the online game not only has massive world views, superb frames and fierce battles, but also a rich variety of life skills, which can better meet the needs of all players, and can make Archeage itself be a dream world. Here, our Archeage gold selling site will introduce Archege life skills to all players.


Archeage has a rich life skill system, including three main types-manufacture, production, construction which cover all aspects of real life, like alchemy, architecture, cooking, fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry, craftwork, logging, gathering, printing, mining, machinery, smelting, masonry, tailoring, leatherwork, weapon, woodwork and more.


Major life skills are as follows:


  •     Alchemy: recovery potions and a variety of materials required.

  •     Cooking: enhancing the role of consumption items.

  •     Craftwork: instruments, accessories, furniture.

  •     Equipment: vehicles, equipment accessories, gliders.

  •     Metal: plate armor, iron ingot.

  •     Stone: stone, powder.

  •     Tailor: cloth armor, cloth.

  •     Leatherwork: leather armor, leather.

  •     Weapons: one-handed sword weapons, swords, knives and other metal weapons.

  •     Woodwork: poles, arches, furniture, wood.

  •     Trade: making regional products.


Different products need different conditions, especially in the four aspects of materials, labor, workbench and proficiency:


  •     Materials: making props.

  •     Labor: production consumes labor and different props consume different labor.

  •     Workbench: the settings for making production.

  •     Proficiency: making some props requires a certain proficiency, when making such props without the proficiency, players cannot make them.




In any MMORPG, potions and other consumables are needed all the time. Most materials are gained through collection, which is easier to make. Different from equipment props, consumable props (need to be produced consistently) are put on the trading floors to get a stable income. As for those players who like houses, they can make a variety of ideal furniture and sell their exquisite furniture at a good price. However, we want to remind players not to rely on manufacture to make money, players can click here to find the reason.


In addition, some players who aspire to become the senior artisans, can be free to choose the industries of gold, machinery, metal, masonry, tailoring and furs, then become the masters in the game.




In addition to battles and upgrades in Archeage, players can use the workbenches located in villages to make weapons, armors and other equipment items, food and potions and other consumables, gliders and other vehicles. More importantly, the equipment (made by players themselves) is higher performance-price ratio than the equipment left by the boss (of course, the highest performance-price ratio weapons are always bought with Archeage gold). If players want to own better equipment, they can make equipment themselves instead of struggling to fight with the boss. In fact, equipment manufacture is very simple. When players finish collecting related materials, they just click on the props and consume corresponding labor. It is easy to make basic equipment, while it needs proficiency to make higher level weapons.




Construction in Archeage is an absolutely huge highlights, hundreds of players build a huge castle, a city, even a kingdom together, while a single player can build his warm hut in the beach, valley, mountain, and prairie. Especially in the era of the sky-high house price, Archeage will bring players warmth and sweetness.


If players still want to know more about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage News.


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