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Style of Sail with All New Wavewyrm Costumes in Archeage

                                              Style of Sail with All New Wavewyrm Costumes at MmoGah

Since the sail in style with all new Wavewyrm costumes came out, the loyal players of Archeage have known about the new changes well and enjoyed the game so much. As for other players who are unfamiliar with the news but still want to play the game, Mmogah is glad to introduce those new changes to you in detail.

new Wavewyrm costume

Outfits worn by the crew of the legendary of pirate ship, Wavewyrm, have been added to the Marketplace and Loyalty Store. Sail in style with four different versions of this costume, each comes complete with an eyepatch for the authentic pirate look. New Wavewyrm costumes bring a greater visual effect to the game.

There are new marketplace items added in the following part:

Wavewyrm Treasure Chest: A rare chance to contain one of two new outfits worn by the crew of the legendary Wavewyrm pirate ship, Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume, or Ivory Wavewyrm Costume. The importance is that Wavewyrm Treasure Chest, Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume, and Ivory Wavewyrm Costume are untradeable.

Coral Wavewyrm Costume: A version of the Wavewyrm Costume that is tan or peach.

Labor Potion Package: Includes five 1000 Labor Pots and five 500 Labor Pots, has a finest bound labor potions. Only one purchase per account.

Provisions Pack: A selection of potions, tonics, and fine cuisine for new adventurer. Only one purchase per account.

Daru Plushie Pet: A new plushie pet that is adorable keeps you company when you travel to Erenor.

Daru Plushie Pet

Undersea Goggles: Only is worn by plushie pets. Provides the owner with 5% decreased underwater gathering time when the plushie pet is nearby.

Ducky Flippers: Only is worn by plushie pets. Provides the owner with 3% increased swim speed when the plushie pet is nearby.

Language Proficiency Spellbook: Temporarily grants 10,000 proficiency to both continental languages for 7 days.

There are still new loyalty token items in the following parts:

Armored Wavewyrm Costume: A version of the Wavewyrm Costume that is blue. Available for 300 Loyalty Tokens.

Removed Marketplace Items

Devilish Chest

Angelic Whisper costume

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