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Server Evolution of ArcheAge Targeted for September 12

John Ryan September 02nd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

September is coming, and it is undoubtedly a big month for the game of ArcheAge. As we mentioned before, ArcheAge official had released parts of information on issue of ArcheAge Server Evolution, and now it is going to be true and will followed by the launch of ArcheAge update 2.0 Heroes Awaken on September 12.


ArcheAge Server Evolution

Open Date: September 12, 2015

Application Period: from August 25, 2015 and September 4, 2015


Some Basic Information of Server Evolution:

l  Players who are belong to the servers for transfers and willing not to stay at your original server can apply to a one-time transfer of all your characters to non-evolution servers on your region.

l  The Server Evolution is totally free.

l  Server Evolution transfers’ requests will be based on “FIFO”.

l  Based on the theory of demand and faction balance, ArcheAge may limit the amount of transfers if a server is too full.


Characters requirements for applying Server Evolution:

l  Players who would like to apply Server Evolution must have the condition of having characters on the servers affected by the Evolution.

      l  ArcheAge gold amount is not over 200,000 on your account.

l  Players who applied Server Evolution will not be a member of a guild and a family after transferred to a brand new server.

l  No marketplace mail or in-game mail any more.

l  Players who decide to apply Server Evolution should not have any items hanged on the auction house.

l  Players may not allowed to have any land.

l  Players may not allowed to have a dry dock under construction.

l  Players’ characters cannot be queued for deletion.

l  Make sure all your surmountable vehicles or ship components are repaired.

l  The minimum level requirement of players’ characters is 10.

l  Players who like to make Server Evolution may not allowed to have 6 characters all on the same server. Two solutions for this situation: 1. Players give up Server Evolution, 2. Delete at least one character and then attempt to transfer.


Moreover, according to ArcheAge official announcement “You can only transfer everything in your inventory, warehouse, and equipped to your character. If you have more items that cannot fit in this amount of space, we recommend sending those items to your alternate characters and then transferring them to the same server. Players with storage chests will have to unpack their chests if they wish to transfer. We know this is a major pain point for everyone involved, but we were unfortunately unable to find a workable solution to this issue within the architecture of the game.


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