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Review the Visit of Trion to Korea and Prediction of June’s 1.7B Update

John Ryan Date: May 26th, 2015 Views: 7981 buy archeage gold archeage gold archeage 1.7b update

The Trion Worlds ArcheAge Team visited XLGAMES in Seoul, Korea last week in order to discuss the feedback on the latest changes with Dread Prophecies and what’s coming to the game next! There are representative summaries from what two developers said in the following  parts:



Gameplay diversity

Trion team said North American players enjoyed gameplay diversity, adventure, and experience more in comparison, which indicated the design directions of  Archeage in the future. All players just need to prepare themselves and challange the diversity of Archeage. On May 22, Trion announced that rum runner rapids event was coming soon, which was reenacted the daring deeds of an infamous band of booze smugglers, including whitewater rapids, liberal libations, and barrel-bouncing fun that all await players in this summertime festival coming soon for a limited time. There was a whimsical star added: Carrot Wings, a donkey who dreams of flight.


Never committing crimes

Producer Kwangro also said that the Crimson Lightning with the Stealth ability was his mount of choice and he traveled mostly in Stealth. He also said that the Mirage Bjorne was a fun mount with a fun skill. He didn’t have a ritual, but he checked the success rates in the data, when he regraded items. So players should remember ritual is not the only method. In the end, he reminded players of never committing a crime. What’s more, their team still thought that trolling and the use of profanity should be added to the list, and were thinking of ways to turn these activities into punishable crime.

Never committing crimes

Open world content

Trion team wanted the players to interact with each other and create relationships and communities that lead to lots of different, creative gameplay experiences. To do this, their focus would definitely be on open world content rather than instanced content.

PvP balance and Archeage lore

About PvP balance, Trion team's goal was to make sure all skillsets can be fully utilized. So they looked at different data, like the skillset and skill selection ratios, Gladiator Arena victories by classes, etc.

As for Archeage lore, Yongjin suggested that players found the journal pages in the Sea of Drowned Love for the complete story.

Archeage lore

Rum runner rapids event will be released at once and next will be June’s 1.7B update that so many players are waiting for. Mmogah here predicts that the skateboard and Timber Coupe come in 1.7b. Leviathan too, and that brings the enoan galleon since it drops from him. Submarines might come out in 1.7b as well. Hopping to benefit all players!

Above all, what two developers introduced makes players not noly understand more about Archeage, but also expect the 1.7b update soon. Mmogah Will be ready to share the current news with all players, just keep your eyes on our Archeage news. Maybe there are some players who are searching webs to buy fast, cheap, and safe Archeage gold. As an official web that has ten-year experience of selling gold (you can search mmogah review on Epicnpc, Trustpilot, Ownedcore and so on), we guarantee that we have professional selling Archeage gold operations, in addition, we have many kinds of coupons for our new customers and loyal customers. Looking forward to your coming!


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