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Recommended Classes and Gear Choices in ArcheAge

John Ryan July 17th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


Archeage, a popular MMORPG, is developed by Korea game company XL Games. In this guide, we decided to share our information with ArcheAge players especially the newer to the game, while lots of players did not have the know-how to create such kind of guide or strategies for themselves. This guide will emphasis on the basics of class selection and proper gear choice to level your characters up efficiently.


As we all know that there are 120 classes in total in game of ArcheAge. All classes are useful on themselves and there is a situation for every combination, some of the classes combine together much better than others. In the meantime, some certain classes blending together will rise your characters’ capabilities in terms of solo PVP after hitting high level. Therefore, we would like to introduce two combinations which work pretty well together through our research and practice and bring ArcheAge players some advantages after reaching the current level cap.


l  Combination One: Battlerage + Defense

In ArcheAge, Defense is considered as one of the strongest classes which probably fits in every build. The group of Battlerage and Defense allows one of the easiest level experiences while playing solo as well as creating the ability to solo grinding the Librarys’ physical enemies. Moreover, it is also a good choice for beginners that this combination also allows the highest error rate by players without much frustration.

l  Combination Two: Sorcery + Witchcraft

Sorcery and Witchcraft is the combination owns high damage compared with others. Players are able to level up very fast if they choose this combination. However this combination also has a little disadvantage that errors cost a bit more, but it is still a very recommended for players who intend to end up as a caster instead of a physical fighter.


After finishing class choices, players still have more important choices of Armor and weapons to make. The choices will also have huge impact on your playstyle and your possibilities. Here we want to talk about the basic idea of gear impact of weapons and armor. We are sure that these ideas will help with your leveling.

l  Plate Armor

Plate Armor has high physical defense and low magical defense base values.


l  Cloth Armor

Cloth armor has low physical defense base values and high magical defense base values.


l  Leather Armor

Leather armor offers fairly balanced defense values against both magic and physical attacks.


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