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PvP Mechanics in ArcheAge Game

For players that have played faction-based games (like World of Warcraft, AION, etc.) the concept of a faction is pretty clear. Essentially the PvP in these games happens as an “open kill” system, allowing players to kill the other faction with no penalty.

ArcheAge has a similar system – allowing free kills from one faction to another – but it also includes the ability to kill allied players; as long as it’s done within PvP-enabled areas. In essence, there are no true allies; if someone is willing to take the punishment for killing someone on their team, they are free to do so. What surprising is that when you kill your allies, you can accumulate infamy points, when up to3000, you will turn into a third faction – pirates! MmoGah.com provides archeage gold for not only normal factions, but also for pirates, you can follow our guide in the following when you buy archeage gold as a pirate.

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                                     Sheltering Yourself from PvP

A lot of players want to shelter themselves from the PvP system. While this is possible, it isn’t advised. The reason for this is that nearly all content (and especially end-game content) is based on areas where PvP is, in one way or another, allowed. Lower level areas are blocked from it, but there’s not nearly as much benefit to those zones as there are in the later ones. So for players that are looking to explore all the game has to offer, dealing with PvP-enabled areas is just part of the experience. And for those that are looking to build a ship and go out along the ocean, PvP is pretty much inevitable.

                             Traveling in Groups

While this isn’t always an option, traveling in groups makes things much, much safer in the world. Find players that are questing in the same area or join a guild. Get together and work on the same quests and such, and it will benefit the group as a whole if enemies come that want to try killing someone. On top of this, working with other players speeds up the questing process, boosting the speed of leveling. So it’s really a win-win; safety and faster leveling!

                                             Avoiding Roads

Roads are what most players follow when trying to get from one area to another. They allow a path that is free of mobs, making it much faster and easier to get around. A main reason is that it’s what leads from one quest hub to another, but it’s also the safest area for avoiding mobs and is where the carriages travel. As a result, if you’re going to find a lot of players, it will almost always be along roads; or at least near them.

By traveling off the beaten path you are at risk of dealing with a lot more mobs than normal, but you can avoid many more players like this. And it’s significantly easier to run past mobs without them noticing than a player that’s trying to chase you down.

                                  Understanding Red Names

Players with red names are enemies. These are the people that are more than likely going to kill you as soon as they get the chance. Now, it is worth noting that they won’t always attack right away; many times they will try to play alongside you if you aren’t bothering them. But rest assured that as soon as one of their allies comes around or you’re in a more vulnerable situation, the chance of being attacked and killed goes up significantly. It is usually recommended, therefore, that you go ahead and at least try to take down the reds as soon as possible; the longer they are running around and the more comfortable you get, the better the chance becomes that they are going to turn on you.

                                            Killing vs. Murder

PvP against allied players comes in two forms: killing and murder. What happens is if you attack another player, your name changes colors. If the other player fights back and you kill them, it is considered as having killed. However, if you kill someone that did not flag (attack) back, that is considered murder. These both leave blood stains and both will lead to going to trial if you keep it up, but the jury will often see killing as being less of a crime than murder (since it means the other player was fighting back).

                                    Penalties for Dying in PvP

There really aren’t many penalties for dying in PvP; it’s more of the perception of penalties that gets bothersome. When you die, you don’t lose experience or item durability. What does happen, however, is that you must respawn. While not a nuisance for some players, it can get annoying if you’re trying to finish a quest and someone keeps sending you back to the respawn area. On top of this, the time it takes to be able to respawn will increase with each death, delaying your progress even further. So while there are no “true” penalties, there is the time-based one that can get annoying.


ArcheAge’s PvP system is great. It allows all players to determine how they want to play the game, and opens the doors for player accountability through having to worry about allies killing each other. At the same time, however, it can become a problem for players that dislike PvP and never want to take part in it. In any case, running through the game with friends is always a good idea; it cuts down on boredom, boosts the speed of progression, and helps provide protection against enemy players that may want to take you down.

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