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Protect Your ArcheAge Gold from Being Removed by Trion

John Ryan October 27th, 2014 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Recently, Trion has banned many illicit archeage accounts and removed those related archeage gold, to be honest, most of our stock disappeared because our suppliers delivered to us through mailbox, at first when we don't have enough accounts in each server, we delivered to some customers via Mailbox, we feel so sorry that one of those customers has been removed his gold, however, none of those we delivered to via face-to-face trade see their gold disappearing after we confirmed it, we can conclude that face-to-face trade is not much of the problem, Mmogahis always responsible for all of our customers.

I have analyzed this event before in another post (How to Buy Safe ArcheAge Gold when Trion Removes Illicit gold), I believe that many players are not sure how to buy archeage gold will be secure and worry about their gold being removed, let me set your mind at rest and tell you the safe methods to buy archeage gold.

MmoGah:Protect Your ArcheAge Gold from Being Removed by Trion

Remember not to use mailbox, this method may lead to your gold being removed by Trion.

The most secure method is that we buy the items which you need off the Auction House and trade you the items instead of gold, you pay for us the money that equals to the gold we will spend on Auction House for you then we will deliver the items to you after we confirm your payment. This way through Auction House is the safest but will take a longer time, we need your patience to finish the whole process, especially when there are several orders in front of you.

Dues to the fact above, we recommend face-to-face trade, you should give us an item or several items firstly as you are selling your stuff to us and we pay for you the gold, just like a normal trade between player to player, this method is fast (2 mins delivery), simple, safe, we use face-to-face trade since we began to sell ArcheAge gold and none of the buyers get banned according to the fact.

We can also deposit your archeage gold to your Guild Bank, you can choose any one of these three methods for buying archeage gold from Mmogah.com, we are responsible, secure and trustworthy, head on to us then you will never be disappointed!

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