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Planting Crops Begins with ArcheAge Gold

---------- An article from a customer of  ArcheAge

Planting crops is a great source of cooking materials in ArcheAge. In addition it is a great way to make money from other players and create trade packs to trade across the continent and other places.

You just need to use the seeds in your inventory and place them in the ground. The tooltip will tell you when you can harvest them.

So basically, buy seeds, plant them in the ground, and return to harvest when ready. If you want to buy some seeds but have no archeage gold, I would like to  introduce mmogah.com to you, they offer safe Archeage Gold and Secure delivery. They have their own accounts with normal player names and leveled characters. They deliver to me at Mirage Isle by face to face trade method and offer me a 6% discount coupon code.

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For example, you can start with a simple crop that grows quickly just like potato. Seeds can be purchased from a seed merchant with your archeage gold. You can find any flat patch of land to plant. But it would warn you that if you plant in the wild, thieves can take it for themselves. The safest way to farm is in a public farming area or in a garden which you own. Most crops can easily be planted and harvested in a day, especially if you water them to speed up their growth. You can water your potato to help it grow. To view a plant’s status and how long until it can be harvested, move the mouse cursor over it. Once it has matured, approach it and click the harvest icon. If you don’t harvest it and it starts to expire, it will wither then eventually die. Fertilizer can be used to save dying plants.

Here, take this produce as a reward for completing your first plant. That’s pretty much the basics to growing plants, trees, and feeding animals in ArcheAge. Happy farming! 

I have seen a video about Top 10 Things to Do in ArcheAge, farming is one of them.

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