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Other Game Currency in ArcheAge Except ArcheAge Gold

John Ryan Date: November 19th, 2014 Views: 8087 archeage gold mirage isle buy archeage gold mmogah

In general, Gold, Silver, Coppers are the most popular in-game currency, they are available for almost every merchant who you want to buy from, and we can easily gather them by combating monsters and finishing quests. There are several other forms of currency in-game except ArcheAge Gold, such as Gilda Stars, Honor Points, Vocation Badges and Bugira’s Coins, they are as well worth of collection.

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If you are an ArcheAge newbie, you may don’t know what to do with Gilda Stars, they can be achieved by completing story quest lines, selling your trade packs and completing daily quests, you will find them important when buying item design plans on Mirage Isle, for example, you can use Gilda Stars to buy Ship Design, House Design and also Castle Design, they will be helpful.

You can gain Honor Points by finishing Honor Quests, combating elite monsters is also a method to achieve Honor points, if you can defeat hostile faction members in an war area, you will get honor points too, by which you can buy items from Honor Point Collectors.

Vocation Badges can be achieved by performing vocation activities such as farming and crafting, after you get them, you can exchange for some rewards from Blue Salt Brotherhood Representatives, or buy some lures from fishing boat with them.

Bugira Coins can be achieved from the source continent Auroria, if you kill the Treasure Mimics, you can get the coins, one Bugira coin equals one archeage gold, you can sell your coins to any NPC merchant in-game.

When you need to buy or sell items, go the Mirage Isle or Auction House for your trade, as a trusted archeage gold seller, we offer 3 different delivery methods for you, you can easily follow our guide to buy safe archeage gold, our effort will there to meet your expectation!

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