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Not Any Sense of Archeage Gold Disappearing Since Late October in 2014

John Ryan January 08th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

When it refers to 2015, I always want to say Happy New Year to you. Even MmoGah.com is a website that sells virtual currency, however, this is an honest, sincere, helpful team. Dues to the fact that virtual currency market has so many spammers, the whole industry lacks players’ trust maybe, however, all of MmoGah staff are here trying to provide honesty and the best service to you, make all of you there satisfied, here is always a trustworthy
archeage gold selling site.


One archeage gold customer called Kyle contacted with us, complaining that he didn’t receive his 1000G archeage gold bought from MmoGah. He had bought 3 times in all, the first time 600G, the second 1000G(we sent him 1000+20 bonus by face to face trade in Mirage Isle), and the third time 1000G(we also sent him 1020G in Mirage Isle). Kyle said he didn’t receive the third order, so we sent him transaction screenshots as proofs, however, he said these ones were the records for the second order, so we continually sent him another two transaction screenshots and told him that these two were the records for the second order, but he insisted he did not get the second 1000G order, thought it was probably intercepted by GM.

MmoGah archeage gold is the most secure


MmoGah.com is a trusted archeage gold seller

We have checked out all his purchase records at our site, it proves that we have successfully completed all the three orders. We delivered his gold by face to face trade method at Mirage Isle. Our manager replied an E-mail to Kyle for an appropriate communication, she summarized 4 reasons why this had happened and we are glad for Kyle’s understanding.

An Honest Reply to An Archeage Gold Buyer Who Thought the Gold We Have Traded to Him Was Intercepted by GM

MmoGah is always a trusted site, we will do our best to deal with all your concerns and problems from our site. We have searched some related situations about illicit gold disappearing, we simply talk about it objectively here.

Trion banned many accounts and removed a large amount of illicit gold on October 22th, many players saw their gold disappeared, so did you? We have been committed to delivering by face to face trade since selling archeage gold, so last time in this Illicit Gold Event, most of our cutomers had not been affected by it, only one customer’s gold disappeared, and we compensated him with same amount gold, the following is the detail.

An Explanation to An Archeage Gold buyer about Trouble with Mmogah

This time, according to the facts, not any sense of archeage gold disappearing after that event in late October, you can check out from Google search results such as ”archeage gold disappeared”. So does archeage official forum, the thread about it hasn’t updated since then.


Not Any Sense of Archeage Gold Disappearing Since Late October in 2014
I think If GM frequently removes gold or bans accounts, archeage will die. Whenever you have concerns with us, we will try our best to meet your satisfaction, your trust and support is all for our comfort.

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