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New Marketplace Updates and Naval Outfits and Uniforms Are Available Now in ArcheAge World

John Ryan Date: 2015-07-15 Views: 6257 archeagearcheage power levelingarcheage goldmmogah


Naval Outfits and Uniforms

Item 1: The Auroran Navy Uniform and Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit have just came into the game of ArgeAge.

How players get them: The Auroran Navy Uniform and Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit are rare rewards and untradeable in game, and they drop from the new Sailor’s Strongbox. Sailor’s Strongbox is available for 490 Credits.


Item 2: The Nuian Navy Uniform and Shining Shore Leave Outfit.

How players get them: They can be directly purchased in the Marketplace. The Nuian Navy Uniform is worth 1,750 Credits, and The Shining Shore Leave Outfit is worth 1,950 Credits.


Item 3: The Haranyan Navy Uniform and Spotless Shore Leave Outfit.

How players get them: The Haranyan Navy Uniform and Spotless Shore Leave Outfit are purchasable by Loyalty Tokens.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to have your characters getting navy uniform on now. If players who do not have enough ArcheAge gold, Mmogah.com would be one of your best choices. Mmogah as a professional ArcheAge gold seller has run the business for over 10 years, is a reliable and secure gold selling online store. If you have any demand of ArcheAge goldfor building your characters’ gears or equipment, you can visit our website anytime. What’s more, delighted that there are also many other interesting updates besides navy outfits and uniforms.



Other Updated Items in New Marketplace

July Labor Potion Package: It is very limited package, therefore each account only gets one of it. In this July Labor Potion Package, it contains 5 Worker’s Compensation and 5 Bound Worker’s Compensation 500.


Cottage Plushie Pet: a cute pet has been brought into ArcheAge in this brand new marketplace update. It has new skill emotes function, so players who own it may not try not to make it angry, and it might start throwing storage chests. Plushie Pet is very royal to their masters, it can accompany you on your travels through Erenor.


Unidentified Heart Spectacles: When identified, produces a pair of heart-shaped glasses in colors of yellow, red, black, green, blue or white for your Plushie Pet. Equipped in the Pet Helm slot. Increases the owner’s Alchemy Proficiency by 7,500 when equipped and nearby. Available for 500 Credits. There are two important things that players should know. First, they can only be equipped by Plushie Pets. Second, when identified the item becomes a wrapped version and they are tradable. Similar as Unidentified Heart Spectacles, Unidentified Fluffy Potholders equipped in the Pet Legguards slot and appears as gloves. They will help players to increase the Cooking Proficiency by 7,500 when equipped and nearby, and they are available for 500 Credits. But players need to be aware that they are can only be equipped by Plushie Pets, and when identified the item becomes a wrapped version and can be traded.


There are also Unidentified Mini-Wings, Unidentified Clockwork Key and Scroll Resurrection as well in this new Marketplace update. Some new award items like Haranyan Navy Uniform and Spotless Shore leave Outfit for the players who successfully finished tasks in game. Speaking of task, good armor and weapon, and enough high level are crucial for player to perfectly done tasks. Players who want to upgrade into high level in short time might not easy. ArcheAge power leveling service provides fast and safe upgrade services to players. So what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the game ArcheAge right now!

archeagearcheage power levelingarcheage goldmmogah

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