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Marketplace Update: Soulmare has galloped into ArcheAge

John Ryan Date: June 26th, 2015 Views: 11292 archeage archeage soulmare archeage gold mmogah


Soulmare, known as ghost steed, has been brought into ArcheAge world. It is a key item in this new ArcheAge Marketplace update. Soulmare is untradeable. ArcheAge players get chances to obtain this ghost steed from Soulmare Archeum Supply Crate, and it is available for 490 Credits.


In this brand new marketplace update, Labor potions in bundles of 10 and 30 are available, and there are some bonus for players as well:

l  If players who buy a bundle of 10 labor potions will be granted 1 bonus bound labor potion.

l  If players who buy a bundle of 30 labor potions will be granted 5 bonus bound labor potion.


In addition, there are many other new updates in ArcheAge marketplace besides Soulmare.

l  Red Hauler Fusion Certificate: The look of Red Farm Hauler is little bit of different in this update such as a longer speed boost and a passenger seat in the back, but the trade pack capacity is same as before. Cost for 2500 credits.

l  Mount Armor for Carrot Dash and Carrot Wings: They are a new set of mount of armor for players’ trusty orange friend.

Carrot-Captor Saddle: 600 credits

Carrot-Captor Helm: 525 credits

Carrot-Captor Legguards: 650 credits

l  New Dyes: An assortment of new dyes. Cost for 200 credits. As update contents of the new Dyes, there are five types in total which are Ashen Smoke Premium Dye, Cloudy Skies Premium Dye, Ocean Calm Premium Dye, Morning Cocoa Premium Dye and Summer Leaf Premium Dye.

l  New Swimwear: Swimming suites for male and female characters in game, and each swimwear costs 800 credits. For the details of them, please view our previous article “ Hot Item of Timber Coupe Longboards and Sexy Swimwear Come into ArcheAge”.

l  New Awards: Soulmare, Superior Tempering Burnish and Astral Lunadrops.

-Soulmare: A ghostly steed from the Hereafter which is to be loyal to ArcheAge players forever. It costs for 450 Loyalty Tokens.


-Superior Tempering Burnish: An improved version of Tempering Burnish which can potentially grant a greater bonus. It costs for 50 Loyalty Tokens.


-New Astral Lunadrops: each one costs 65 Loyalty Tokens.

Astral Fire Lunadrop

Astral Gale Lunadrop

Astral Earth Lunadrop

Astral Wave Lunadrop

Astral Life Lunadrop


On the other hand, some items have removed from Marketplace that players should know. The removed items are Treetop Archeum Supply Crate, Kiwi Splash Bikini Top and Bottoms, Kiwi Splash Shorts, Fiery Bikini Top and Bottoms, Fiery Swim Shorts, and Black Pearl Swim Briefs.


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