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How Will Trion Serious Ban Wave Affect ArcheAge In game Economy

John Ryan March 06th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


As the agency of ArcheAge for NA/EU servers, Trion is strict with accounts’ legality. The hackers, gold farming bots, mules and storage accounts are regarded as illicit cases,which will cause immediate accounts ban when confirmed. Trion does have the ability to trace the source of the illicit gold. Believe that the large scale of gold farmers’ and gold sellers’ accounts getting banned has proven what I say. Even the normal players that the gold passed on have seen their gold disappeared.

Trion has been fighting against with third-party archeage gold selling sites ever since the game launched and in the battle between Trion and gold sellers, many normal players have been implicated.

How Will Trion Serious Ban Wave Affect ArcheAge In-game Economy

In general, Trion uses two methods to resist gold selling workshops and sites, one is marketplace selling gold and the other is large scale account ban.

  • Trion sells APEX in its marketplace, which grants 1250 Credits when opened and players can sell APEX off the Auction House for archeage gold. It means that APEX is the in-game item that allows real money and virtual currency exchange for each other. This equals to the same mechanism of gold selling site, after all what gold sellers do are all about RMT related to games. If the gold price of Marketplace is not far off that of gold selling site, players would choose to buy from marketplace, apparently it’s more secure. However, RMT is popular in archeage because you have to pay for tax when trading off Auction House.

  • October 22, 2014, Trion banned lots of accounts and a large amount of archeage gold was removed, in late January of  2015, a large scale of account ban wave happened again. With so many storage accounts getting banned, gold sellers have faced huge losses.

For MMORPGs, account ban and gold being removed are just so common, especially before and after the updates. If the RMT really disappear, what would happen to in-game economy? There would be too less gold in game to trade among players, they would sell items to exchange for gold, if the server they play on is hot and with lots of players, selling items may be easier, but if their server is not hot enough, how would they sell out their items?

Even though RMT is against Trion, it does stimulate the game economy. If it is too serious for Trion to guarantee normal playing experience for players, then it’s a tragedy for ArcheAge. I think if Trion could appropriately get a balance through the situation, it will turn out better.

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