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How to Upgrade Your Mount in ArcheAge

John Ryan Date: October 28th, 2014 Views: 9412 archeage archeage gold archeage gold delivery method mmogah

Each race has their own mounts in ArcheAge, Lilyut Horses for Nuian, Elks for Elf, Snowlions for Firran and Leomorph for Harani. You can not only use your mount for fast travel, but also you can summon it into the world to help you combat, they can also be used to transport your Trade Packs quickly. There are two ways for you to get a mount in general, through the mount-raising quest line or buy from the merchants, you should raise and care for it making it grow into an adult.

MmoGah tips:How to Upgrade Your Mount in ArcheAge

Your mount is like a dependent character in game, it has its own health bar, stats, experience amount and level, it has low level at first you get it, you can upgrade your mount in two ways, travel on it and summon it into your combat then it will gain experience for a higher level,the experience your mount gains in the combat dues to the level of the enemies, if you are a team or a group, the experience it gets will reduce also.

You can strengthen your mount by equipping it with Masks, Saddles and Leg Armors, you can buy these armors from the stable administrators or you can acquire better equipment by brushing copies, more difficult the copy is, better equipment you will receive, when you are strong enough, you can conquest the Auroria copy for 10 persons, then you can get more excellent mount equipment, all those depend upon how you play the game.

Horses, elks and snowlions can carry two characters for one time, so you can travel with another friend together, as the owner, you are the main rider who control the mount, and you can dismount the passengers at any time. If you need archeage gold for buying mount equipment, or you need some items off the Auction House, head on to Mmogah for safe delivery, we will offer you friendly service and helpful tips.

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