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How to Play the Archon Class in the Game of ArcheAge

The Archon is not the most popular class in the game of ArcheAge, which is not as popular as the Darkrunner, Primeval, Paladin or Daggerspell. The Archon is untraditional, you will bring your opponents with a lot of surprises once you master this class. If you are planning to have a try, following the tips below may be helpful.

Introduction: Make a build of the Archon

You should choose the Archery, Defense and Witchcraft from the 10 skillsets (Battlerage, Defense, Occultism, Sorcery, Songcraft, Witchcraft, Auramancy, Archery, Shadowplay, Vitalism) in ArcheAge to create the Archon build.

Make a build of the Archon

The Archon has the following features:

  • The Hybrid of archer and caster, which has high level of endurance and durability.

  • Burst ranged physical DPS and supplemental magic damage.

  • High Gear requirements, an excellent bow and a scepter or Obsidian Katana for main hand is preferred.

  • Good shield, decent armor and enough Agility/Intelligence are needed to soft cap accuracy.

Staple Abilities and Combos:

• Charged Bolt -> Endless Arrows (Combo Damage)
• Piercing Shot to interrupt casts after generating bloodthirst from Endless Arrows
• Enervate -> Earthen Grip instant cast to drain an opponent’s mana and regain health
• Concussive Arrow, Boastful Roar and Focal Concussion for interrupts and imposing effects
• Redoubt, Invincibility, Boneyard to mitigate burst and counter crowd control
• Purge to buff magic defense and strip an opponent’s buffs
• Bubble Trap, Banshee Wail, Boneyard and Invincibility to reset combat
• Courageous Action for sleep and fear immunity

How to Play the Archon Class in the Game of ArcheAge

How to play the Archon class

Gamers should focus more on stalling and outlasting opponents instead of bursting them down. Consider about wearing a Wave Necklace for the extra Intelligence and magic penetration.

  • Archon vs. Melee

Open with Charged Bolt and prepare for a gap closer. Catch the melee engages with Focal Concussion (non-auramancy melee) or Banshee Wail (non-witchcraft melee) to interrupt their combo. Redoubt and gain distance while cycling Enervate -> Earthen Grip. Use Concussive Arrow to disable their melee abilities and cycle Charged Bolt -> Endless Arrows.  When they prepare to re-engage, use Boneyard to catch them and prepare for Enervate -> Earthen Grip cycle. Use Invincibility when in trouble and break it early into another Focal Concussion or Banshee Wail. Maintain Courageous Action at all times to avoid being counter crowd controlled and allowing them to reset. 

  • Archon vs. Healers

Healers generally lack mobility but a healer’s sustain is extremely high. They will attempt to shut down an Archon by using Mirror Light to remove Enervate, so you should force them to use Mirror Light or land Enervate/Earthen Grip while they’re afflicted by fear or other crowd control. Remember that Piercing Shot can interrupt Antithesis and Boastful Roar can reduce their healing throughput by applying the Distressed status. Purge the Mirror Light with an Enervate/Earthen Grip.

  • Archon vs. Casters

Courageous Action of an Archon shuts down most of those casters’ crowd control and in-turn interrupts their combos. If the caster is wearing cloth armor, rely on your Archery combos, while if they’re wearing plate armor, rely on Enervate/Earthen Grip damage and stall tactic.

  • Archon vs. Archers

Most Archers will keep an Archon at max range to avoid being susceptible to an Enervate/Earthen Grip Combo due to its medium range. Entice them into range by back peddling and then as they close, reverse directions to force them in range. Also consider using Boneyard to lock them down to close the distance gap. If you manage to entrap them with an Earthen Grip consider following with a Bubble Trap to buy cycle time, or a Concussive Arrow to shut down their offense.

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