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How to Get Archeage Gear as a New Player

John Ryan Date: January 14th, 2015 Views: 7490 archeage archeage gear archeage gold mmogah

Gear is the key of the game. There are two original ways to obtain high quality gear in ArcheAge Game. One is building by yourself and the other is monster drops. You can get better gear in the dungeons. The Sea of Drowned Love is one of them. The gear system of Archeage is a very big system. The following is detailed to introduce.

Gear system introduction

A:protective gear:Leather, cloth, plate armor, shields and cloak.

B:weapon gear:Musical Instruments, daggers, two-handed swords, sword, single stick, double stick, bows and arrows.

C:Decoration gearearring, ring, necklace.

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There is no limitation for you to wear any gear. But wearing different gear will bring you different effect. You need to match gear according to your own class.

Three methods to obtain common gear:

A:Complete the quest
As a new player, completing the task to obtain gear is the most secure way. The gear of task reward is set series. Collecting all the parts of the set will present the set property. Usually, quest reward set can be used as interim gear.

B:Dungeons brush
You have collected some experience and had several companions after a period of time. This time you can team up to brush a dungeon which is corresponding to your level. But not every the game map has a dungeon. However the gear from dungeon reward is higher property than quest reward.

C:Through production
Full level players can make their own gear. At the later period you can collect all the materials to make the gear you like. Different gear needs different tools and complex materials. So it suggests that full level player to make the gear which is better than the other two.

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